Feathr Unveils Interactive Digital Business Cards

GAINESVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Feathr, a software startup company intent on bringing personal and professional networking into the digital age, today disclosed details of their smartphone application for digital business cards.

Feathr cards are interactive and touch-friendly, built on the paradigm that when you give a person your business card, you don’t want them to just have your information; you want them to do something with it. Feathr takes advantage of the smartphone's touchscreen capability. With just one tap, you can send an email, open a website, or connect on LinkedIn – right from the “card”.

“We live in a digital age where we all have several online social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as well as websites, blogs, videos and more. We need a clean and effective way to share our online footprint with our peers, both socially and professionally,” said Aidan Augustin, CEO of Feathr. “By allowing you to connect online as well as in-person, Feathr will help you develop stronger relationships and act upon new opportunities.”

In today’s hyper-connected society, managing business cards can be a hassle. From personalizing follow-up emails to updating contact lists, it can be difficult to remember who people are and why you want to stay in touch. Feathr cards automatically sync with your phone’s contact list, so no data entry is required, and can remind you where and when you received someone’s card.

“A Feathr card can be sent to anyone, even if they don’t have the app installed,” said CTO Neal Ormsbee. “You can share your Feathr card via text message or email, and it will open in their mobile browser.”

Feathr is a very lean operation and is seeking to crowd-fund a small amount of money to bootstrap their way through the new beta launch and native code re-writes. Details can be found:


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Founded in January 2012 by undergraduate engineering students at the University of Florida, Feathr streamlines the exchange of not just contact information, but social profiles, websites, and digital media that defines the modern professional. A recent private beta had over 1,000 registered users. Visit http://www.feathrapp.com/ for more details or to sign up for the beta.

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