Channel One News Opens "OneVote" 2012 Presidential Poll -- Teachers and Students Nationwide to Participate in Largest Online Election

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NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Channel One News, the premiere television news network for teens, reaching millions of young people in middle schools and high schools nationwide, today announced the launch of "OneVote 2012," marking the network's fifth run of the largest student mock-election held in advance of the national Presidential election. Channel One News's OneVote program enables millions of young people across the country to gain essential civic education by experiencing the electoral process, while also giving recognition to the voice and opinions of this next influential group of voters. Channel One News will deliver topical and thought-provoking news and special segments throughout the Fall, enabling teens to make an informed decision and prepare themselves as eligible voters in 2016.

OneVote expands its offerings this year with election focused interactive content available through Channel One Interactiv, the company's innovative partnership with global education company Promethean. Additionally, OneVote will extend to upper elementary school children in grades 3-5 through its Interactiv Jr. program and will allow younger students to participate in the mock election for the first time. Honored with a "Cool Tool" award by Ed Tech Digest earlier this year, Channel One News InterActiv transforms Channel One's award-winning broadcast into dynamic, interactive content for seamless use in the classroom using Promethean's innovative ActivBoards. The new digital platform will offer educators in-classroom activities aligned to current events and the Presidential race.

Kent Haehl, CEO, Channel One Network stated, "Young people clearly saw the impact of their influence along the campaign trail and the power of their choice in the last election. Through One Vote, our teen viewing audience is able to gain a deep understanding of the political process and experience firsthand their rights as citizens as we prepare them as the next generation of eligible voters."

"We are thrilled to expand the program this year with innovative election-focused classroom activities that push civics learning into the 21st century by integrating an interactive curriculum that will spark further dialog between teachers and students," added Mr. Haehl, "as well as bring that conversation home to the dinner table."

In addition, Channel One News brings back Team OneVote, a select group of diverse teens who will represent the opinions of this influential generation and who will serve as Channel One News on-air political commentators and contribute to OneVote on Channel One's YouTube channel, for a third term. Team OneVote segments will be regularly featured during Channel One News's 12-minute classroom news program until November and correspondents will also document their experience on the Channel One blog, RIGHT NOW.

Young people will be able to cast their OneVote ballot for the next President of the United States at from October 22 through October 26, with election results to be announced during a special edition broadcast on November 1. Channel One will give teachers another method to directly engage students this year by offering print ballots to aggregate classroom voting results. Classrooms currently utilizing Channel One InterActiv will also have the option of conducting the poll using Promethean's Learner Response devices.

Since the inception of OneVote, Channel One News has recorded millions of ballots and continues to serve as an important platform, inspiring lively and educational dialogue among teens and within the classroom about the nation's political process and freedoms. Since 1992, OneVote has accurately predicted every November national election result.

Educators are encouraged to support the initiative in their schools and will receive downloadable materials available through Curriculum-based tools will include OneVote ballots, classroom posters, and lesson plans aimed to enhance students' knowledge of the electoral process.

"OneVote has served as an important platform for making politics relevant to young people and empowering our audience to share their opinions and engage in the current national discourse," stated Angela Hunter, SVP, Executive Producer of Channel One News. "It's inspiring to watch our viewers' increasing political interest, and through our ongoing in-depth coverage of the Presidential race and access to dynamic platforms that extend the discussion, teens gain valuable skills that will prepare them as they head to the polls for the first time in 2016."

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