Bit9 Introduces Managed Administration Service

Enables Organizations to Leverage Bit9’s Expertise to Manage Day-to-Day Operations of Leading Trust-based Security Solution

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bit9, the global leader in Advanced Threat Protection, today introduced Bit9 Managed Administration Service, which enables organizations to leverage Bit9’s expertise in managing the day-to-day administration of trust-based security, while retaining overall control of their corporate security policies.

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This service is designed for organizations that want Bit9's trust-based security approach but have a small IT staff, prefer to outsource IT services, or want their security to be administered by the experts at Bit9.

For subscribers to the Bit9 Managed Administration Service, Bit9 assumes responsibility for:

  • Management of software trust policies
  • Management of user requests to install unknown or untrusted software
  • Response to escalated requests within a defined SLA
  • Proactive health and performance assessment of the Bit9 environment
  • Preventative maintenance, such as log pruning, archiving, and backup monitoring
  • Audit reporting

For each subscribing customer, Bit9 integrates with the customer’s policies, processes, technical systems (e.g., help desk) and workflow.

Benefits of the Bit9 Managed Administration Service include:

  • Ensuring security policies and rules are configured optimally
  • Infusing Bit9's security expertise directly into the customer's organization
  • Leveraging best practices for trust-based security that Bit9 has refined through interactions with a broad customer base

Bit9 today also announced version 7.0 of its trust-based security solution that delivers three industry-first breakthroughs to protect organizations large and small against advanced threats and malware (see news release).

Bit9 Executive Quote: Di Hall, vice president of services

"Bit9's Managed Administration Service enables organizations to meet their security, compliance, availability and performance goals by leveraging Bit9's experience to raise their security posture and free up staff to focus on other important IT and security projects. We have been providing this service to a select group of customers with great success. Now, we are making it available to all customers, who will be able to leverage Bit9’s expertise to manage their trust-based security."

Analyst Quotes:

“With its new Managed Administration Service, Bit9 can help ease adoption of its trust-based security solution. Small organizations with limited IT staff and large enterprises that prefer to outsource IT operations now can realize the benefits of Bit9’s solution while retaining full control over their security policies. It’s a win-win for Bit9 and its customers.” – Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

"Scalable to meet the needs of even the largest organisation, Bit9’s new Managed Administration Service levels the playing field for smaller organisations or those that lack the resources or the will to manage the technology themselves, allowing them to benefit from those same trust-based application control capabilities." – Fran Howarth, Senior Analyst, Bloor Research

“Bit9’s Managed Administration Service blends the security advantages of trust-based application control with Bit9's administrative expertise. The approach is based on permitting trusted software rather than blocking a virtually endless variety of unknowns and offers significant advantages in the face of a constantly changing threat landscape. Coupling this with centralized administration as a service enables organizations to add security expertise with minimal impact while retaining full control of their security policies, freeing IT staff to perform other important work.” – Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

About Bit9

Bit9, the global leader in Advanced Threat Protection, protects the intellectual property (IP) of the world’s leading brands with innovative, trust-based security solutions that detect and prevent sophisticated malware and cyberthreats. Bit9 stops advanced persistent threats (APTs) by combining real-time sensors, cloud-based software reputation services, continuous monitoring and trust-based application control and whitelisting. Bit9 is the only company to stop both Flame and the malware that caused the RSA breach. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @Bit9, Facebook and Google+, or call +1 617-393-7400.

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