Westchester County Public Relations and SEO Firms Announce Availability of New Type of Mobile Website

HARTSDALE, N.Y., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc. (www.cioediting.com), a Westchester County public relations firm, and Calico Systems, Inc. (www.calicosystems.com), a Westchester SEO company, today announced the availability of a new type of mobile website for their clients. The sites are formatted like an app with a top banner, item list, thumbnail photos and lower navigation bar.

The front page of the sites will include a smorgasbord of items including company press releases, bylined articles, audio interviews and instructional pieces. The mobile site will be linked to the organization's desktop site through an options page and the lower navigation bar. Cut-It-Out tested the concept with its own mobile URL at m.cioediting.com.

Willy Gissen, President of Cut-It-Out Communications, said, "We combine the larger print and links of most mobile sites with an app design and functionality. In doing so, our new mobile sites create a familiar format, improve usability and provide an attractive design."

Calico Systems plays a critical role in the coding and web development process for the new sites while Cut-It-Out focuses on the extensive content needed for the design. Together, they create a product bound to generate more interest with the rapidly expanding use of mobile devices.

Joanna Cali, President of Calico Systems, said, "To the best of my knowledge, this type of mobile website has never been created before. After going through a steep learning curve, we were able to reproduce popular apps, giving the website a familiar look and feel for visitors."

The sites come with a Wordpress content management system allowing the user to change the order of the items, add or delete thumbnail photos and create entirely new items for the list. The articles can also be organized into separate categories depending on the users' needs.

For more information, email info@cutitoutcommunications.com, visit www.cioediting.com or call 914-723-7212. Cut-It-Out Communications also maintains a blog at www.cioediting.com/wordpress.


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