SkyMotion: New App Introduces Accuracy to Weather Reporting

MONTREAL, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Introducing accuracy and reliability to weather forecast reporting, Sky Motion Research Inc. has now released its SkyMotion app for Android devices, as well as an improved version for iPhones. The application, which launched in mid-August, predicts with high efficiency when precipitation will start, its intensity, and precisely when it will end.

Using self-developed technology rather than traditional meteorological models to properly track precipitation; it achieves maximum accuracy by focusing on a short time span and the user's precise location. Reading the intensity of rain or snow in the next two hours, it generates an easy to read, minute by minute forecast.

Unique in its field, SkyMotion is free and provides full coverage throughout North America. The app can now be used year-round as it tracks all types of precipitation such as rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, and hail during all four seasons.

With more than four decades of experience in software development, Sky Motion Research Inc. CEO, Maxime Julien, and Founder and CTO, André Leblanc, sought to re-invent weather forecasting: "We've broken new ground today by becoming accessible to everyone in North America." says Julien. "When it comes to weather, everyone settles for probability. Sky Motion Research has worked relentlessly to deliver something truly accurate and trustworthy. Our app helps people with their day-to-day activities and enhances their lives in ways that weren't possible before."

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About Sky Motion Research Inc.
Founded by current CTO André Leblanc in 2008, Sky Motion Research Inc. is a pioneer in developing highly accurate weather forecasting technologies.

About SkyMotion
SkyMotion provides users with accurate precipitation forecasts in North America. Using proprietary technology, its high-resolution grid (approx. ½ mile) and up-to-the-minute updates are key to its accuracy. The app is free for all Android and iOS devices; a free Desktop version is equally available online.

SOURCE Sky Motion Research