Baristas Girls 2013 Calendar Sells Out in Pre-Print, BCCI adds Revenue From Merchandise Sales!

SEATTLE, Oct 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. (OTCPK: BCCI) today announced that that it has completed the shooting of its 2013 Calendar and that the initial run of 1000 copies has sold out prior to being printed. The Calendar which features some of the top Baristas will also include a "Making Of" video on a special Baristas Thumb drive complete with interviews and exclusive behind the scenes shots.

The company has decided to increase the run to 3000 copies but elected to differentiate the initial run of 1000 as a "Limited Edition". Also available will be 50 special copies that will be signed by the baristas that are featured. Although many more baristas were shot only 12 made the final cut.

Barry Henthorn, CEO, commented: "We are very proud of the production team and the dedication and patience that our Baristas have shown throughout this process. I am looking forward to seeing both the final Calendar as well as the 'Making Of' video that will accompany it. It was also especially enjoyable to be working with some of the crew from our reality series in development to further the evolution of storylines and the introduction of some new characters as well."

The new line of Baristas Girls Merchandise is an example of how the business model is exceeding the expectations and projections released earlier last year. With this pre-print sell out and an increased run, BCCI will add over $75,000 in top-line revenue for 2012 from this single project and potentially triple that number in special releases sales in the new year.

About Baristas Coffee Company (BCCI): Headquartered in the Seattle, Washington area, Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. was formed to create a national brand of drive-thru espresso stands. BCCI is accomplishing this by acquiring established businesses that fit its model, opening new locations, and by franchising. Baristas has separated itself from the competition with its "theme" of joining attractive female baristas in entertaining costumes preparing the finest beverages available on the market. Baristas can currently be found in six greater Seattle area locations as well as in Texas, Florida, Montana, and Arizona. Your state, Coming Soon!

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Barry Henthorn

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