American Utility Management Releases Advanced Analytics Tool

LOMBARD, Ill., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- American Utility Management, Inc. (AUM), a market leader providing energy management services to multifamily, today announced the delivery of its Advanced Analytics Tool into production. This tool, unique to the industry, utilizes business intelligence technology to flexibly organize data for multifamily property owners and managers. Harnessing the power of over 1 Billion records captured specifically for energy expense management, the tool will provide the most comprehensive, informed decision making for Multifamily Property owners in the industry.

"Utility and energy expenses are the third-largest expenditure for multifamily property owners," says Michael G. Miller, AUM Chief Executive Officer. "The ability to manage this expense is critical to increasing the net operating income of each property. AUM Advanced Analytics provide the ultimate flexibility to view energy expense, usage, and rate information in the way that is most appropriate for the user. Our customers can view their energy expense and usage data in a dashboard, drill down quickly to understand and resolve issues, and view their data in a way that is meaningful to them. Property owners can make faster, smarter decisions regarding their energy and utilities."

Business Intelligence technologies can separate businesses in terms of how well they know their customers and the data being generated. Just one invoice contains approximately 75 firm and derived data points, such as usage, expense, and daily effective rates, that should be used to manage multifamily energy spend, be it financially or operationally. Annually, a 250-unit building can have average gas and electric expenses totaling $200,000.

About AUM:

Founded in 1994, American Utility Management (AUM) provides comprehensive energy services to the multifamily industry. The company prides itself on driving bottom line savings for its clients through its energy management, invoice processing, and resident services. AUM uses its proprietary technology and data to create custom energy solutions that allow multifamily management to lower their energy usage and save money. The company distinguishes itself through its knowledgeable and experienced professionals who provide all services in-house without outsourcing to other companies. AUM advises management of over 500,000 multifamily units across the U.S. For more information on AUM, please visit or call 800-418-5393.

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