Edison Chiropractor Recommends Massage Therapy for Back Pain Management, Natural Healing

EDISON, N.J., Nov. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Edison chiropractor Dr. Michael Lagana and his associate, Dr. Steven Farber, D.C. reports that many of their patients experience successful pain management through massage therapy techniques provided at his wellness center. According to Dr. Lagana, he provides Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage techniques. He says that the type of massage recommended for each patient depends on their condition and needs. Dr. Lagana adds that massage helps enhance the effects of chiropractic spinal adjustments and can also help people recover more quickly from injuries. He also recommends massage as an important natural treatment for stress, which he says worsens many diseases and conditions.

According to the Edison chiropractors, providing massage therapy in Edison makes sense as a natural healthcare option. "A large majority of chronic diseases are aggravated by stress. So it's clear that finding natural ways to reduce both emotional and physical stress could be beneficial. Massage increases circulation, drives toxins out of the body's soft tissues, tones the skin, stimulates the immune system, releases endorphins for natural back pain management and relaxes musculoskeletal tensions. The specific techniques used in deep tissue, sports and Swedish massage add other benefits tailored to specific conditions," says Dr. Lagana.

Dr. Lagana explains that Swedish therapeutic massage is a good option for people who suffer from stress, or who are undergoing chiropractic care for back pain or neck pain. This lighter form of massage uses gentle strokes for specific muscle groups, tapping, friction and vibration. The Edison chiropractor also says this technique naturally reduces musculoskeletal tensions so that muscles can adapt quickly to spinal adjustments. He says that while toxins are massaged away from the muscles, fresh circulation and endorphins enter for pain relief and reduced inflammation. Dr. Lagana also says light massage can lower blood pressure and cause the immune system to produce more white blood cells to ward off infections and germs.

Deep tissue massage is a more intense form of bodywork with longer, deeper strokes, explains Dr. Lagana. He says that when muscles have been injured or overworked, or have suffered the effects of fibromyalgia, adhesions or scar tissue can form deep in the muscles. These adhesions inhibit normal muscle function, which causes pain and imbalances elsewhere in the body, almost like a chain reaction. This type of massage attempts to break down adhesions to make muscles and the fascia surrounding them more supple, flexible and help them heal faster.

Dr. Farber goes on to explain, "Therapeutic massage helps people with many kinds of injuries and chronic conditions. It feels great and it does wonderful things for the whole body, so we recommend it to almost everyone."

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