Pet Boarding in Buford Provides Pets a Safe and Secure Stay

BUFORD, Ga., Nov. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hamilton Ridge Animal Hospital in Buford, GA is recommending that pet owners begin planning now for holiday pet boarding. According to Buford veterinarian Dr. Rachel Rodriguez, advanced boarding reservations are the best way to guarantee that pets will have a safe and secure place to stay over the holidays. Whether families are traveling or hosting relatives, holiday excitement can cause stress and anxiety in pets. Boarding offers pets a safe, secure environment away from this stress. Boarding services at the veterinary hospital include regular walks, comfortable pet suites, and supervised outdoor play.

Holiday travel can be complicated, especially when pets are unable to come along for the trip. Hosting family and friends can also cause stress for pets, as new faces are introduced to a pet's environment. That's why the Buford veterinarians recommend that pet owners plan to board their pets over the holidays.

"Traveling with pets is not always feasible, nor is leaving a pet at home with the neighbors," said Dr. Rodriguez. "Even if a family is staying in town, hosting friends and relatives can cause a pet stress and anxiety. We always recommend boarding at a veterinary hospital. Whether it's just for one night or for an extended vacation, pets will be safer, happier and healthier."

Boarding at a veterinary clinic also provides pet owners with peace of mind. Should an unexpected health emergency occur, a veterinarian and trained caregiver are just steps away to provide medical care.

"Leaving a pet with a neighbor may seem like a great option until an emergency strikes," said Dr. Tabitha Tanis, another veterinarian with the animal hospital. "Your neighbors are just as busy as you are over the holidays. They cannot provide 24-hour supervision for pets, and unlike a veterinarian, they may not know what to do in a pet health emergency. For the sake of everyone involved, boarding a pet at an animal hospital is a safer choice that puts the pet's health and well-being first."

Hamilton Ridge Animal Hospital provides boarding for dogs and cats in pet suites. The veterinary team provides daily supervised play, frequent walks, and personal attention for each animal.

"Our boarding facilities are truly state-of-the-art," said veterinarian Dr. Beth VerSteeg. "We follow strict safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the pets' security and health at all times."

All pets boarded at Hamilton Ridge must show proof of up-to-date vaccinations, including rabies. Boarding guidelines can be found on their website.

Hamilton Ridge Animal Hospital provides comprehensive junior and senior pet wellness care, including vaccinations, dental care and pet surgery. The animal hospital serves Buford, Hoschton, Dacula and Suwanee.

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