Kiowa Gordon, Twilight "Werewolf," Reconnects With His Hualapai Tribal Roots by Whitewater Rafting at Grand Canyon West

PEACH SPRINGS, Ariz., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiowa Gordon, a Hualapai Tribal member and part of the Twilight series' "Wolf Pack," took the Tribe's one-day whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon this Saturday, September 29th. Gordon has never lost the connection with his Hualapai roots, but had yet to enjoy the Hualapai River Runners adventure. "This trip showed me firsthand what a unique Grand Canyon experience our tribe offers," said Gordon. "The connection we have with the Grand Canyon and the willingness to share it with the world gives me great pride, this is something everyone should try."

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Gordon stayed at the Hualapai Lodge on Historic Route 66 the night prior and took photos with fans. The following morning, he and his fans were driven down the only road that leads to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Diamond Creek Road. The group launched from the riverbanks and hit the rapids on 8-passenger whitewater rafts specifically designed for traversing the Colorado River. They docked along the riverbank, took a short hike up to one of the hidden treasures of the Canyon, Travertine Falls, and stopped to have lunch on the riverbank. After more rapids, they enjoyed a smooth-water float until reaching the bottom of Grand Canyon West, where he took an exhilarating helicopter flight 4,000 feet up to the top of the rim. The group then returned to the Hualapai Lodge, where the trip concluded.

This year marks the 39th consecutive season of Hualapai River Runners, which employs more than 50 Hualapai people. The Hualapai economy is based on tourism. Revenues from Grand Canyon West, Hualapai Lodge and River Runners are the primary sources of income that fund the schools, roads and other social services the Tribe relies on.

If fans missed this opportunity, Gordon will return to support his tribe by visiting Grand Canyon West on October 25th, spend the night in a cabin at the Hualapai Ranch and take photos with overnight guests. On October 26th, Gordon will take photos with fans at Grand Canyon West's viewpoints including Eagle Point, home of the Skywalk. Visitors purchasing a package may meet Gordon and those who reserve in advance with promo code "KG12" will receive an autographed photo upon check-in. Fans can make reservations and get directions at or by calling 1-888-868-9378.

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