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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A new social media marketing company has arrived in Sacramento. Introducing iSnap Social, the creator of the Social Photo Station and accompanying suite of social marketing tools. iSnap Social’s Photo Station allows users to take a photo at a venue or event and upload it to social networks like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. iSnap Social provides an easy way for brands to expand their reach and influence on social media networks. “The holy grail of social media marketing is enticing your customers to market on your behalf and there’s no better way to do that than photo sharing,” says iSnap Social CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Lowe.

iSnap Social users get an easy way to take high quality photos, branded with the featured company’s graphic overlays and share them instantly. Featured brands and businesses get a unique tactic to engage customers, add fans and followers and gain insightful data. The iSnap Social cloud-based platform tracks metrics along the way, gathering usage statistics, conversions, time and demographic information. All data is viewable and exportable from the secure iSnap Social Cloud website.

The iSnap Social platform has already proved invaluable for Sacramento and nationally-based businesses alike. Customers that have successfully employed iSnap Social to aid their social media marketing campaigns include CBS Radio, Live Nation and Hyatt Resorts. Explains Doug Link, Theater Director for Imax Esquire Theater, “It is apparent with the reduction of marketing budgets and the proliferance of social media marketing, iSnap was an opportunity we could not afford to miss.”

CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Lowe conceptualized iSnap Social on a napkin in 2010. Since then iSnap Social has grown to become a global network reaching thousands of users every day in venues around the world.

About iSnap Social:

iSnap Social ( is the creator of the social photo station and accompanying suite of social marketing tools. iSnap Social products enable brands to create more authentic connections with customers through photo sharing. iSnap photos are liked, commented on and shared broadly across multiple social networks. By making branded photo sharing easy and fun, iSnap builds a brand’s social media presence quickly and efficiently while providing an exciting free amenity to customers.

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