Green Seal Awards First Specialty Cleaner Certification to PortionPac Chemical Corporation

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Seal™ announced today that PortionPac Chemical Corporation's Pot & Pan Detergent and NeutraPac® Floor Neutralizer have achieved certification as the first Green Seal-certified specialty cleaning products on the market. Meeting the GS-53 standard (Specialty Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use) means that these products meet strict environmental criteria and perform as well as or better than others in their class.


"We applaud PortionPac for manufacturing products that meet the stringent requirements of the GS-53 standard," said Arthur Weissman, Ph.D., president & CEO of Green Seal. "PortionPac's continued leadership in sustainability is an inspiration for the entire industry."

Green Seal maintains the most rigorous voluntary environmental standards in the cleaning industry. Its holistic approach to certification involves evaluating every step of a product's creation from manufacture to disposal. GS-53 criteria cover health and environmental impacts, functional performance, the manufacturing process, packaging materials, labeling, and training. The evaluation process includes review of data; assessment of promotional materials; and an on-site audit of manufacturing facilities. Annual monitoring is also conducted to ensure continued compliance.

"We have pursued Green Seal certification for our products because it evaluates the chemistry of our products as well as the environmental impact of our business," said PortionPac president Burt Klein. "Our customers consider it the gold standard among certifications in the marketplace."

The Green Seal certification is especially helpful for facility managers who are obtaining or maintaining LEED status. LEED standards award a point when 30% of the total annual purchases of cleaning products meet sustainability requirements, such as having Green Seal certification.

Pot & Pan Detergent is a blend of high-foaming detergents, solvents and water conditioning agents used for manual cleaning, and scrubbing of pots, pans, kettles, sheet pans, and utensils.

NeutraPac Floor Neutralizer prolongs the life of floors and carpets by removing the film and residue of ice-melting compounds. It neutralizes alkaline residue after floor-stripping, and conditions floors for better adhesion of floor finish. It also neutralizes carpet to remove alkalinity from dirt-trapping detergent residues.

Pot & Pan Detergent and NeutraPac Floor Neutralizer now join the five other Green Seal-certified product groups in the PortionPac product line. PortionPac's other Green Seal-certified product groups include its SteamPac® Carpet Extraction Cleaner, ScrubPac® All Purpose Cleaners, BowlPac® bathroom cleaners, MopPacLite® Floor Cleaners, and GlassPac® Glass Cleaners.

About PortionPac

PortionPac, founded in 1964, is the leading provider of pre-measured, maximum concentrate, portion control detergents. The PortionPac system reduces the resources used throughout a product's lifecycle of production, storage, distribution and disposal. The system minimizes environmental impact and eliminates the unsafe and ineffective habits of traditional cleaning procedures. PortionPac has been named a 2010 Top Small Company Workplace by Winning Workplaces and Inc. magazine. Please visit

About Green Seal

Green Seal is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 with the mission of safeguarding human health and the environment. Green Seal is a science-based standard development and third-party certification body that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. Products only become Green Seal-certified after rigorous testing and evaluations, including on-site audits. For additional information or to contact Green Seal Inc., call (202) 872-6400 or visit

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