Consumers Get Money Fast with One Hour Approvals from

MIAMI, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- announces one hour approvals for everyone. Consumers with bad credit are no longer left in the dark.

Lenders are starting to change the way that they do business. In the past, technology was always available to large companies and the government first. Today technology is on a completely different playing level. Consumers now get their hands on the latest technology before large companies do. This is taught consumers that technology can speed things up.

Consumers are using their own computers and smart-phones to communicate with people all over the world, and they are doing it almost instantly. This has taught consumers about instant gratification, and now they expect it everywhere they go.

Lenders have had to step up to the plate and match this technological, they have had to increase their loan approval times to keep consumers happy. Waiting weeks, days or hours is no longer acceptable to consumers. If consumers can't get instant approval, they will happily go somewhere else. has seen this trend, and decided to give consumers what they want, Loan approvals as quick as they can possibly get them. is proud to announce a new group of lenders that are offering one hour personal loan approvals. These loans are even being approved for people that have bad credit.

Mark, a representative for the company weighs in on the subject.

"It was only a matter of time before consumers started expecting to have everything instantly. We saw this trend coming when we first launched our website. At the time, we had several lenders that were offering speedy loan approvals, but they were not offering loan approvals fast enough, and they were not offering loan approvals to people with bad credit. Our company has changed all of that. We just added over a dozen new lenders to our exclusive network of lenders that are offering one hour approvals on personal loans for bad credit. They have told us that credit doesn't matter. Everyone deserves one hour approvals, and we aim to give it to them."

Personal loans are short term loans that consumers can use for any purpose. Unlike traditional loans that are always geared towards a specific purchase, personal loans are not. is a loan comparison website. The company behind the website is not actually responsible for funding any of the loans.

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