Hair Fairies Goes to School to Stop Head Lice

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Back-to-school means head lice also settle into classrooms, lockers and buses, so Hair Fairies is initiating a $5 cash-back donation to any school that refers a family to Hair Fairies salons located in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Fairfield, Conn. In addition, Hair Fairies will give a 5 percent donation to each school that books Hair Fairies screenings in the school – in addition to Hair Fairies standard FREE first two hours of screenings to participating schools. For example, if screenings after the first two hours generate $300 for Hair Fairies, the donation would be $15 and so on.


In anticipation of Halloween, Hair Fairies is offering FREE head lice screening on Wed., Oct. 17 in all of its salons. Trick-or-treat costumes are great breeding grounds for head lice and Hair Fairies wants to help families get a "head" start on the holiday.

"With my own children running around athletic fields, packed with other kids in many moms' cars and sharing helmets, towels and caps with almost everyone, I know how easy it is for head lice to find new homes at the start of school," said Maria Botham, CEO of Hair Fairies. "Fall is a dream season for head lice. But our treatments are the safe solution for frantic families because everything we use is USDA organic certified."

Hair Fairies has a high success rate because its three-step process has been proven for more than a decade. The technicians evaluate the stage of infestation, physically "nit-pick" the active lice and eggs from the head and provide treatment to condition the scalp and discourage immediate re-infestation. Manuel removal of lice is the only sure way to stop the parasites. This is done based on scientific research and with proprietary non-toxic products such as shampoos, combs and rinses developed and produced to USDA organic certification in the company's laboratory in Calif. Harsh chemicals are never part of Hair Fairies' product ingredients.

Most insurance companies approve partial payment of Hair Fairies treatments that also qualify for Flexible Spending Accounts, a validation of the treatments' success. More information about Hair Fairies, including its at-home program and special coupons, is available at

SOURCE Hair Fairies