Rue La La Driving 40% Sales Through Mobile Channels

BOSTON, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rue La La, a leading private sale shopping destination continues to drive mobile growth with the release of application for the brand new Apple iPhone 5 and updated application for the iPad. As more than 40% of Rue La La sales come from a mobile device, the company is devoted to constant enhancements and developments to its mobile apps to ensure the best experience for Members.

Creating a unique shopping experience across all channels is particularly important to Rue La La, as a three screen (dotcom, mobile phone and iPad) purchaser is 540% more likely to purchase than a dotcom-only customer at the company.

"Rue La La thrives on innovating the shopping experience. It is our mantra to make certain that we are moving as quickly as our Member is when it comes to technology," said Ben Fischman, CEO, Rue La La. "By continuing to enhance our Members' shopping experience we believe that sales through a mobile device will consistently reach 50% by holiday 2012."

Rue La La has launched an application for the new iPhone 5, which has a larger screen. With more than 80% of Rue La La mobile sales coming through an Apple device, Rue La La is keeping pace with Apple to ensure each of their Member's shopping experience is flawless on their new mobile phone. The application will allow for a better and easier shopping experience for its Members and is compatible for iOS 6.

Rue La La is also enhancing its iPad application. Approximately 50% of all Rue La La mobile sales come through an iPad. By offering Members innovative features designed to increase accessibility and ease during the Boutique shopping experience, Rue La La will further drive consumer engagement.

Key highlights for the iPad application include:

  • New "Size Availability Display" feature to help members quickly determine availability of their desired sizes and colors without missing a purchase before it sells.
  • The "Size Views" feature allows for faster movement within the application and between products.
  • "Today on Rue," gives users an additional browsing path with access to all Boutiques, individual Boutiques, and individual products in the same view.
  • Immediate access to the "Right Now" feature upon launch. This successful feature, launched in 2011 on Rue La La's smartphone and online platforms, it allows members to learn immediately which items are selling out or already sold out, without having to navigate off the home screen.

Members can download the updated iPhone app for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and the updated iPad app by using the following URL:

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