Gnzo Launches a Revolutionary Video-Based Social Networking App for The iPhone

The Gnzo App Brings Video Snippet Sharing and Simultaneous Multi-Video Playback to Social Networking

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, Gnzo Inc. has announced the launch of their revolutionary, video-based, social networking application called "Gnzo" (pronounced "goon-zow"). Gnzo allows users to upload 6-second video snippets so that you can share them with your social network. Users can see multiple videos from their social network playing back simultaneously, either on their iPhone or on the Gnzo website. Gnzo's proprietary multi-video compression and streaming technology, called "fabric video", allows users to view the playback of thirty to fifty videos simultaneously, on a single screen, providing an unprecedented user experience.

"Today, most of us communicate with our social network using primarily text and photos. However, a six-second video can communicate a lot more." says Toshikazu Shinohara, CEO of Gnzo. "Imagine seeing your social network feed entirely in video, with thirty to fifty simultaneous videos playing back on one screen. It's so much more fun and you can take in a lot more information in a very short time. We are very excited to be able to launch this at DEMO Fall 2012."

Main Features of the Gnzo application:

• Upload and share 6-second video snippets, directly from your iPhone

• See multiple videos from your social network, playing back simultaneously on a single screen.

• Choose a single video and play it back in full screen.

• Return to the previous screen by pinching-in.

• Videos are sorted in chronological order with new videos appearing on the upper left hand corner.

• Swipe the screen to move from "Latest", "Feed", to "Popular".

• The "Latest" section displays all public videos.

• The "Feed" section displays your videos and videos from users that you follow.

• The "Search" section allows you to search for videos based on key words, tags, or user names.

• Share comments on videos and "Clip" videos that you like.

• View all the videos you "Clipped" in a single view.

• Upload videos to Twitter or Facebook.

About the Application:

Name of Application: Gnzo
Distributed by: the Apple App Store
Release Date: October 3, 2012
Price: Free
Supported Devices: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 / iPod Touch 4th generation (can be connected via wi-fi)
Supported Services: Twitter, Facebook

Starting today, the Gnzo app can be downloaded for free onto your iPhone via the Apple App Store.

Gnzo-- Official launch video:-

About Gnzo Inc.

Gnzo is a video-based social networking service. The Gnzo service allows users to upload and share videos with their social network. Using its proprietary video compression and streaming technology called "fabric video", Gnzo provides users with a user interface that enables the viewing of multiple videos playing back simultaneously; making it easy to take in your video-based social network feed at a glance.

Gnzo Inc. was founded in February 2010 and announced it's technical capabilities at TechCrunch DISRUPT San Francisco in October of the same year. In February 2012, Gnzo released a test version of the Gnzo iPhone application, leading to the global launch at DEMO Fall 2012.

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Gnzo Inc.
Toshikazu Shinohara, +81-465-85-1221
FAX: +81-465-82-1334
Twitter: @GnzoApp

Source: Gnzo Inc.

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