Team Arctic Row Completes Expedition And Sets New Ocean Rowing Records

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Eddie Bauer is proud to announce the completion of Team Arctic Row's non-stop, unsupported row across the Arctic Ocean. After spending 41 days rowing more than 1,000 miles through frigid Arctic waters, the team successfully finished their expedition in Point Hope, AK at 1:46 p.m. local time on Sunday, August 26, 2012. As a result, the team pioneered a new route for modern ocean rowing, which is considered to be the longest in Arctic history measured by duration and distance.


On Tuesday, July 17, Paul Ridley, Collin West, Neal Mueller and Scott Mortensen set out from Inuvik, Canada on one of the most ambitious and challenging expeditions in ocean rowing history. The goal of the expedition was to raise awareness of the changes in the Arctic climate, which has only recently become passable as a result of climate change and melting sea ice. Combining human power exploration and marine science, the team rotated between the two rowing positions aboard the 29-foot-long, six-foot wide rowboat to navigate through the delicate ecosystem, conducting scientific research and collecting data that will aid scientists at The University of Alaska Fairbanks and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation.

"Since returning home, we've some time to reflect back on everything it took to complete Arctic Row and we all have mixed feelings about the journey," said Mueller. "On a personal level, we are excited at the prospect of completing such an epic voyage and being able to report our scientific findings to aid ongoing research vital to the global environment. At the same time though, you can't help but feel a touch of melancholy when you remember the only reason we have such an opportunity is a result of the Arctic sea ice melting due to global warming."

To prepare for the expedition, the team spent more than 20 months training, planning various logistics, and outfitting their boat with the latest technology needed to complete their research and journey. Anticipating extreme environmental conditions, the team was fully-outfitted in Eddie Bauer's First Ascent expedition-class gear and apparel to protect them from the elements. During the expedition, they encountered one of the strongest August storms the Arctic has had in more than 30 years. With safety being of paramount concern, the team had to anchor off shore three times throughout their journey in order wait until weather conditions improved. While time and resources began to dwindle, their resolve and determination remained steadfast to achieve their goal.

"Now more than ever is a time for individuals to take it upon themselves to find ways to make a difference in the battle against global warming," said Mortensen. "Our team was determined to not let anything stand in our way. When Mother Nature did her best to slow us down, we answered with vigor. Our hope is that our journey will bring attention to important studies being conducted by our scientific community, and inspire others to make a difference."

Eddie Bauer is proud to have supported Arctic Row through our BE FIRST program in their quest to accomplish "one of the last great firsts." For more than 90 years, Eddie Bauer has helped people explore the world by outfitting adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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