Personal Launches ‘Personal Platform’ at Business of APIs Conference, Opening APIs for Developers

More than 150 Developers Already Signed up to Use Personal’s Developer Tools

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Personal (, a web and mobile application for individuals to store and share their most valuable information, today launched the “Personal Platform,” a collection of developer tools and APIs that enable developers to build web and mobile applications that responsibly and securely collect, store and share highly sensitive user information. This information includes personally identifiable information (pii), as well as thousands of fields of data that are less sensitive. Announced at Mashery’s Sixth Annual Business of APIs (BAPI) Conference in San Francisco, the DC-based company also revealed that more than 150 developers have already signed up for the API at

The Personal Platform includes several privacy and security enhancing features. Now, with just a few lines of code, developers can better protect themselves by using Personal to store and share sensitive information as well as increase their access to better customer data by encouraging users to manage their own information. These features include:

  • Private Authentication: Authenticate users with zero third-party tracking.
  • Secure Data & File Storage: Securely store and leverage users’ structured data, notes, photos and other files.
  • Secure Share: Enable users to securely share with users or non-users via live change syncing and share revoke.
  • Contact Management: Build a network with contact management features like groups.
  • Fast Implementation: Get started with only a few lines of code and benefit from native software development kits (coming soon).

From the BAPI stage in San Francisco, Personal’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Tarik Kurspahic announced that the Personal Platform is already yielding results with several third-party applications ready to launch including:

  • FileThis for Personal: FileThis, a cloud-based service, allows consumers to go paperless by securely and automatically fetching their most important online documents from their financial and household accounts every month and delivering them to their Personal account.
  • Password Manager: A mobile app that allows users to securely store their passwords, generate hard passwords, and automatically log in to websites on their mobile phone.
  • Secure Messenger: A mobile app that allows individuals to send private, secure messages, including attachments and location, back and forth with timed expiration.

“All apps are better with access to great data. Personal Platform makes it easier, safer and cheaper for developers to follow best practices around privacy and security while building apps that leverage data responsibly,” said Shane Green, co-founder and CEO of Personal. “Developers can now give users clearer and more granular control over their information, which will help create a more robust and transparent personal data ecosystem that benefits both users and developers.”

“Today, Personal joined the ranks of companies that are realizing the vision of APIs to fuel competitive edge and growth,” said Oren Michels, CEO of Mashery. “Consumers in the post-website era can more easily work with businesses that leverage APIs like Personal’s, so that apps grant wishes for their customers.”

About Personal

Personal ( gives individuals a web and mobile vault for securely sharing and storing data, notes and files so they can better manage their lives at home and work. Built on a privacy- and security-by-design platform, Personal helps individuals to properly leverage their data so they can realize the most value from it -- all with the peace of mind that the data in their vault remains legally theirs, they always know who can access it, and it can't be shared without their permission.

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