By the Numbers: Naked Lime Marketing Marks a Banner Year

KETTERING, Ohio, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The facts: 4 industry tradeshows. 16 customer shows. 67 ads. 110 blog posts. 168 Facebook posts. These are just a handful of the ways over the last 365 days that Naked Lime Marketing has shared a consistent message with automotive retailers: the power of one vendor for all of a dealer's traditional and digital marketing, advertising, and web services needs.

Naked Lime Marketing is a complete, full-service agency with expertise in traditional and digital marketing, advertising, and web services for automotive retailers.

"This year, we've had a particular focus on demonstrating to dealers the results they can achieve by delivering a consistent message across every channel they use to reach prospects and customers," said Trey Hiers, who oversees marketing at Naked Lime. "And we take that message to heart as well. Across all the communication channels we've used to get our message across – news releases, customer newsletters, dealership visits, social media, video, and more – we've led by example. We want to show what a comprehensive, cohesive traditional and digital marketing strategy looks like and how that can help retailers achieve business results."

Naked Lime Marketing offers services that cover every aspect of a dealership's retail marketing, advertising, and web strategy, including traditional advertising, digital advertising, targeted marketing, SEO, social media, reputation management, mobile marketing, and web. Naked Lime's services can be used by any dealership, regardless of the dealership management system, website host, or other solutions the dealer may be using.

"It's really the human touch that adds the twist to the services we offer and sets us apart from other agencies," said Hiers. "We're able to deliver the power of one vendor for all of a dealer's marketing needs because of the people at Naked Lime – from our marketing analysts and social media specialists to our product managers and marketing communications team. Their ability to apply their expertise in doing the heavy lifting for dealerships is what enables us to carry out the Naked Lime vision and deliver results for our customers every day."

Hiers concluded, "We know the only thing certain in the digital world is growth and change. Those changes will bring about new opportunities for Naked Lime to help dealers carry out their marketing and advertising strategies and help them get noticed at the right time by the right audience on the right channel."

Continuing the tradition of taking the agency's message directly to dealers, Naked Lime's digital marketing experts, Steve Bell and Aloysius Carl, will be featured speakers at the 13th Digital Dealer Conference, Oct. 23-25, in Las Vegas. Nicole Case and Aloysius Carl also will be panelists at the GM eSummit 2012 Digital Marketing Conference events scheduled for October and November.

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