Teacher-Turned-Developer Pioneers Top Apps For Kids Based on Classroom Lessons

Mrs. Judd’s Games’ new app ‘Rhinomite’ free for first 25,000 downloads

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- From the early days of comic books to the big-budget blockbusters of today, superheroes have captured the imaginations of children all over the world. Rhinomite, the fourth app from Chicago-based tablet educator Frances Judd and the development team at Mrs. Judd’s Games, translates beloved superhero play into non-violent essential elementary core learning concepts that promote collaboration and family fun.

In this superhero flying game, players control a cartoon rhino by responding to directions and prepositions (“Under!” “Over!”) and counting by tens, essential for early math and Language Arts elementary education Common Core standards (K.L.1e; 1.NBT.6). Violent adventure play is replaced with the fun of searching and sleuthing but keeps the classic aesthetics with a spy-movie soundtrack, comic-book feel and sleek urban landscape. Players can customize their Rhinomite character with fun outfits and accessories, from tutus to jet-wings, to reflect their super-style.

But Rhinomite has a more important mission for the team than just teaching “to” and “from.” As families are spending more time with touch-screen devices, the team at Mrs. Judd’s Games wanted to create a game that would appeal to all ages and promote and encourage family time. “We love the fact that a teenage brother could compare notes with his five-year-old sister on how to play this game,” Mrs. Judd says. “The best apps we’ve seen are the ones with that ability to bring people together and transcend age.”

Mrs. Judd’s Games are available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and are ideal for children ages 3-7. Rhinomite and all Mrs. Judd’s Games’ top apps for kids will be free for the first 25,000 downloads. Rhinomite is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

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A frequent speaker on technology and early childhood education, master kindergarten teacher Mrs. Judd is transforming some of her best classroom activities into mobile apps for young learners. These fun, interactive games build critical skills while stimulating creative exploration in the real world.

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