Ustream Celebrates New Live Broadcast Network with the World's Largest Presidential Debate Watch Party

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ustream Inc. today announced that it will be throwing the world's largest presidential debate watch party on Wednesday, October 3, to celebrate the new Ustream live broadcast network. The main attraction of the watch party will be a live broadcast of the debate as well as hundreds of shows featuring real-time commentary and views, from the serious to the seriously funny. With more than 57 million viewers per month worldwide, this event promises to shift millions of viewers from traditional television consumption to a live, social, interactive experience. The network's new 24/7 real-time programming guide reflects video viewing trends across both social networks and professionally produced channels such as news, entertainment, sports, and animals/wildlife.


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The debate watch party news partners include: a live broadcast of the debate from PBS NewsHour and analysis from WSJ Live; a planned protest by Occupy Denver and Occupy the Debates; a three hour pre-debate special from Breitbart News with Larry O'Connor; a debate panel from the League of Young Voters; and PopSugar Gen Y culture reporters discussing what's at stake for women and how to get informed.

Viewers will also be able to tune into alternative perspectives from around the entertainment industry including: queens from Logo TV's "RuPaul's Drag Race"; comedian Scott Rogowsky;'s web series "After Hours"; and the 2013 Hooters Calendar Girls, appearing with hosts Al Del Bene and Rich Aronovitch of Ustream's original comedy series, "Show Interrupted". Viewers seeking other ways to express their patriotism can watch live eagle cams or simply relax and enjoy an adult beverage with the Debate Drinking broadcast.

"Ustream's unique platform has upended audience size expectations for online video. We saw nine million combined total views during the Mars Rover Landing and iPhone 5 announcement on Ustream; in both cases, exceeding traditional broadcast and cable ratings," said Brad Hunstable, founder and CEO of Ustream. "The new Ustream network takes live video viewing to an entirely new level by surfacing and organizing the world's most compelling live experiences based on both social recommendations and our new team of experienced producers."

"From serious breaking news, to entertainment, sports, and nature broadcasts, Ustream has become the go-to broadcast network, with multiple live perspectives of unfolding events," said Cybil Wallace, Ustream's new executive producer and CNN and AP veteran. "Our new site gives us the flexibility to consistently present viewers with the most compelling live experiences from around the world, whether from professional media outlets or citizen reporters."

The new Ustream discovery experience surfaces the most interesting live and relevant content from across tens of thousands of broadcasters in the Ustream network. There will be permanent channels for Ustream's most popular content groups: news, entertainment and music, sports, animals and wildlife; as well as pop-up collections of live videos from breaking news and trending topics. This innovative format allows Ustream to deliver viewers and broadcasters deep, compelling experiences every day.

For viewers looking for a more in depth experience with a broadcaster, they can preview content right from the homepage and then dive into newly designed broadcaster pages. Broadcasters are able to trick out their pages with customized graphics, widgets, recorded video, embed their live broadcasts on Facebook, and much more. Viewers are able to RSVP to upcoming events, participate in live discussions through the social stream, leave Facebook comments, and follow their favorite broadcasters. Ustream's new channel pages and video player have been optimized to enhance viewing and social engagement.

The new Ustream also includes social and personalization features. Logged-in users can see what content their Facebook friends have watched and keep tabs on broadcasters that they follow. For those on the go, a new mobile version of Ustream is available with all of the great live content found on the network.

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Ustream is the leader in live and interactive video streaming. Our interactive platform connects broadcasters and viewers through technology that includes co-hosting video features, IRC chat, Facebook, and Twitter. Ustream's free and premium solutions allow all broadcasters to create customizable channels with social and notification features to enhance visibility and virility across platforms. In addition to embedding these features on external websites, users can broadcast and view content while interacting directly from mobile phones, tablets, streaming players, smart TVs, and more. We have millions of broadcasters ranging from musicians, celebrities, politicians, and athletes to corporate executives, animal enthusiasts, and gamers. The Ustream platform has more than 4 days worth of video broadcast every minute, and is the current Guinness Book of World Records title holder. For more information, visit and follow Ustream's socials: Twitter (@Ustream); Facebook (

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