TechWerks Releases New Broadcast IP System

ASHEVILLE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TechWerks, an Asheville, NC video technology company, announced the release of the EZCaster Pro, its new low-latency encoder/decoder. The EZCaster Pro system uses the public Internet to transmit broadcast-quality audio and video around the world, in the same amount of time as conventional digital satellite transmission, at a fraction of the cost.

TechWerks began use of the EZCaster Pro system several months ago at major venues worldwide. Three separate systems were deployed as the "Host-TV” for the NATO 2012 Summit held May 20-21 in Chicago, IL. In addition, the EZCaster Pro served as the primary distribution center for StarSpangled200, the week-long bicentennial commemoration of the war of 1812, held June 13-19 in Baltimore, MD.

The EZCaster Pro was also used at several other remote locations, including several 4-hour air shows by the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels. All were transmitted in 1080i over 4G without a glitch.

Most recently, three EZCaster Pro systems were used at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. The local ABC television network affiliate, WFTS-TV, used the EZCaster Pro to broadcast live from the forum. In addition, WFTS-TV used the EZCaster Pro to send multiple cameras to the station and a return program feed. The EZCaster Pro was used to broadcast live over six hours a day, error-free.

The EZCaster Pro supports multiple video formats and will encode from 1Mbps to 20Mbps, and close-caption. The system can be configured to work point-to-point, or by using TechWerks' management software, allowing the end user to have full remote control of each encoder and receiver using a web browser. The software provides a video preview channel and a simple, "one-touch" routing feature, allowing end users to have many encoders and only a few receivers, thus resulting in a huge financial savings.

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