Popinz Kicks Binder Inserts Up a Notch

ROSWELL, Ga., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Popinz LLC of Roswell, Georgia has just released three separate binder insert designs to decorate and personalize binders. Popinz was created as a result of one of the partners wanting a cool insert option for her daughter's school binders. There were options available that allowed you to print out on your computer, but those were difficult to maneuver in and out of the binder. In addition, they lacked professional production value. We're all busy and want quick, quality solutions for our children. After thinking through several alternatives, Popinz was born.

Kathy Sutlive, Partner at Popinz LLC, "Our goal is to promote fun artistic expression. Currently we sell high quality, cool binder inserts but we have a lot of other ideas that you'll see rolled out soon, in addition to more binder insert designs." Popinz is made with sturdy high count paper to make it easier to insert into the binder. It also makes it easier to remove so that you can easily swap in and out different design options. Popinz comes packaged with an easy fold out design separated by perforations. A quick removal of the perforation found on the back panel allows for use with either "O" ring or "D" ring binders for maximum flexibility. The best part of all is that each Popinz binder insert is double sided. So with each purchase you get 4 panels to swap around, and 2 spine designs. While these initial designs were targeted toward tween girls and dog lovers, there are more designs on the way.

Sutlive secured a design patent for these binder inserts because "I wanted something sturdy and simple that my daughter would think was cool to decorate and personalize her binders for school. My kids are picky and they both love the 'Motivational' collage design. Dog lovers just love the 'Puppy' inserts. They are all adorable. The 'Gamer Girl' inserts are perfect for the video gamer or the adventurer in all of us."

About Popinz LLC:
Popinz LLC is based in Roswell, GA with offices in Los Angeles, CA and offered high-quality, artistic binder inserts which can be purchased online (www.popinz.net) and they are currently expanding to other distribution outlets. Popinz are popin' fun! Popinz are manufactured in the USA. Connect with Popinz at www.fb.com/popinzLLC or @tweetpopinz on Twitter.

Contact: Kathy Sutlive
Popinz LLC

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