has just launched its 5-year construction project, Creating an indispensible resource for wine lovers and media

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Anyone who values his or her time should care, that's who.

There are plenty of wine websites for deciding where to go and what to do; but, none of them pulls it all together like

When Website founder Jim Finley began planning a Napa-Sonoma wine trip for six friends, including himself, he became extremely frustrated. He discovered that there's not one single site that allows you access to all things possible. He had to go here for this, there for that, and still had to visit more sites to even come close to what he sought. At the end of that process, he still had a lot of unfulfilled needs.

He learned that no matter what the region of the US, there are numerous sites that provide one or more things that anyone planning a trip would need, such as a directory of wineries and associated amenities, a state map, a description of each winery with photos, visitor reviews, editorial reviews, and wine quality ratings, but there isn't one single site that brings it all together... until now.

Jim Finley: I simply wanted a site with a comprehensive list of wineries, in-depth information about each winery, visitor and/or editorial reviews and ratings, and an indicator of how good the wineries' wines were based on the ratings of the most respected wine critics... How difficult could that be? When one of my friends mentioned that there should be a site that brings this all together for all the wineries in the U.S. and joked that I should build it, I took the bait. And after five years of work, which originally was supposed to take six months, the site is finally live.

Who should care?

  • Consumers, bookmark this page. You'll return for planning a trip, identifying wine tourists' favorite wineries, or for searching for the wineries that produce the highest rated wines according to the most respected wine critics in the world.....people you know and trust, for instance.
  • Wineries, this will persuade you to get your social media person right on this, to make sure your info is current. What company wants to lose an opportunity or disappoint someone with incomplete information?
  • Media, it sure beats any current search! Give the maps a try. Decide your subject, choose from your options, and your work will be half done.

Do you love wine? The site uses aggregated ratings from all of the major wine critics to identify America's top wineries. The idea: users can easily find top producers within their price range (and whatever other criteria they want to include: region, case production, winemaking practices, etc.) and, you can then either use other sources to find specific wines that were highly rated (searching wine rating databases for wines from the wineries), or just start exploring the wineries' products (visiting the winery, signing up for the wine club) with the confidence and understanding that the winery produces high quality products.

It's that easy, after five years of development. According to Jim Finley, "There's a lot of wine information available, too much for most people. Our goal is to structure that information it in a way that makes it easy for wine drinkers to identify potentially new favorite wineries based on the criteria that's important to them."

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