ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs Help Adventist Hinsdale Hospital Save $170,000 Per Year

CHICAGO, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For a hospital, reducing energy use means more than just being environmentally conscious, it can also mean more capital to fund projects that improve patients' health and well-being. ComEd recently completed an energy-efficiency project in partnership with the Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, helping the hospital save nearly $170,000 a year by reducing energy usage. And according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, every dollar saved is equivalent to $50 in new revenue.

With ComEd's support, Adventist Hinsdale Hospital updated their lighting system, installed variable speed drives on the chilled and domestic water systems, and added demand-controlled ventilation to the kitchen hood exhaust fans. In addition, the hospital recently added a 116,000-square-foot patient pavilion and installed electric chillers for the new building. These upgrades will help keep the building's energy use at the same level as before the modernization project.

This project was funded as part of ComEd's Smart Ideas for Your Business program, which offers cash incentives, technical services and whole-building solutions to help businesses use energy more efficiently.

"ComEd offers a variety of energy-efficiency programs and resources that help business customers save energy and money," said Val Jensen, senior vice president, Customer Operations, ComEd. "We understand the unique needs of our customers, and we work closely with them to develop and deliver customized solutions that minimize their capital needs and maximize their savings."

This project is expected to generate an estimated 1.7 million kilowatt hours of energy savings each year for Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. This is equivalent to the average electricity consumed by nearly 180 homes a year. Furthermore, the incentives provided through Smart Ideas for Your Business will reduce the project's payback period by one year. Adventist Hinsdale Hospital is expecting to see a complete return on their investment in less than four years.

"Reducing energy by participating in this program is just one example of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital's commitment to being 'green,'" said Rey Tuazon, utilities manager at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. "We believe it's our duty to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible."

Since the launch of Smart Ideas for Your Business in 2008, ComEd has helped businesses save an estimated $70 million in annual electricity costs and reduce their energy usage by more than 880 million kWh. This clean energy initiative is equivalent to avoiding the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 119,000 cars.

In addition, the program has supported more than 10,000 projects that help businesses improve energy efficiency with approximately $65 million in incentives; dispensed nearly $6,300 in incentives, on average per customer; and provided more than 500 Smart Ideas Opportunity Assessments to help business customers find energy-saving opportunities in their facility.

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