Flo Rida Chooses Coastal.com Private Label Derek Cardigan Eyewear for "I Cry" Music Video

Flo Rida Chooses Coastal.com Private Label Derek Cardigan Eyewear for "I Cry" Music Video (Photo: Bu ...

VANCOUVER, Canada--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Coastal.com, the planet’s biggest online eyewear company, announced today that its private label brand of designer eyeglasses, Derek Cardigan, is featured in hip hop artist Flo Rida's recently released "I Cry" music video.

Flo Rida Chooses Coastal.com Private Label Derek Cardigan Eyewear for "I Cry" Music Video (Photo: Business Wire)

“It’s fun to see eyewear becoming more and more of a fashion staple with many of today’s biggest hip hop artists. From Will.I.Am to Jay-Z to T.I. to Flo Rida, the list goes on and on. With so many options out there, it’s great to see Flo Rida choose the Derek Cardigan brand and its signature style to be a part of his video.” says Aaron Magness, VP of Marketing for Coastal.com.

While it’s no stretch to assume that the worlds top hip hop artists are probably the least likely to attain geek status among Hollywood’s elite, Flo Rida, with his geek chic glasses and confident style are shattering that image. The Derek Cardigan glasses featured in the “I Cry” video, with their thick black frames and quirky math symbol accents, have a certain “cool factor” that is undeniable. For further confirmation of this, all you have to do is take a look at Kanye West and Jay-Z to understand the power that a bold pair of geek chic glasses can have on their overall look. Hip hop artists have been setting trends for years, so it’s only natural that hip hop glasses are the latest trend in geek chic fashion.

To see Tramar Dillard, better known as Flo Rida, and his younger self, sporting the Derek Cardigan math glasses in the “I Cry” music video, check out Coastal.com’s blog, theLook.

About Coastal.com:

Coastal.com (www.coastal.com) is the planet’s biggest online eyewear company. Coastal empowers customers to easily browse, try on and buy eyewear—saving time, money and sanity. At Coastal, we believe you will be so blown away by the Coastal experience and become a customer for life that your first pair of glasses is free. With every pair purchased, Coastal donates a pair to someone in need through its Change the View project. Founded in 2000, Coastal designs, produces and distributes the largest selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses on the Internet, including a unique combination of designer eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and vision care accessories. Coastal services customers in more than 150 countries through the Coastal Contacts, Inc. family of websites including: Coastal.com, ClearlyContacts.ca, LensWay.com, LensWay.co.uk, LensWay.se, LensWay.com.br, ClearlyContacts.com.au, ClearlyContacts.co.nz, Contactsan.com and Coastallens.com.

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