NumbersUSA TV Debate Ad Asks If Our Leaders Really Believe African Americans Don't Want To Work

Despite Three Million African Americans Unable To Find Jobs, Our Leaders Will Admit One Million Immigrant Workers Next Year To Take Jobs

DENVER, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NumbersUSA will launch a national TV campaign tomorrow night during news coverage of the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The TV ad calls attention to the fact that the nation's leaders will admit another one million immigrant workers next year to take American jobs despite the fact that millions of U.S. citizens can't find work, including more than three million African Americans.

The setting for the TV commercial is a typical American kitchen, where an African American family is cleaning up following a meal. After proclaiming he's "tired of the stereotype that black Americans don't want to work," the father concludes the ad by asking if our leaders continue admitting immigrant workers because "they really believe Black Americans don't want to work."

"Our leaders need to get rid of their antiquated thinking and step into this century," commented Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, a non-partisan grassroots organization with more than 1.3 million participants. "Their lack of interest in the incredibly high number of African Americans and Hispanic Americans who can't find a job suggests a lot of ugly things about our leaders' attitudes toward these most vulnerable members of our society, including that they just may not believe these Americans want to work. It's time to reduce mass flows of immigrant workers and make putting Americans back to work the top priority."

The ad states that three million Black Americans can't find a job. That references the broad unemployment category called "U6" by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and includes discouraged workers who tell current population surveys they want a job. The U6 unemployment rate for both Black and Hispanic Americans remains around 20%.

Despite record unemployment, America continues to admit about one million immigrants a year who also need jobs. Yet leaders from both parties refuse to call for reductions in mass immigration, instead often calling for more.

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