Oncam Grandeye Names Russell Tate as VP of Sales, Americas

LOWELL, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Oncam Grandeye, one of the world's leading security and technology solutions companies, announced today that it has appointed Russell F. Tate as its Vice President of Sales, Americas. He will be based at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Lowell, Mass.

Tate brings more than 20 years of experience to the job, with a specialization in high-growth electronic security companies in the retail arena. He is known for building and developing results-oriented sales teams and strategic business plan development and execution.

“Russ’ experience with legacy conversion and product management will help us to develop new business partners to provide innovative solutions for our customers,” said Greg Alcorn, Oncam Grandeye’s Director of Global Sales.

“Security professionals increasingly demand complete situational awareness and need a 360-degree, unimpeded view of any facility, with no blind spots, so team members have the opportunity to immediately review images in real-time,” says Tate. “I look forward to helping lead this dynamic organization in our key market verticals of Retail, Gaming, Maritime, Transportation and Safe Cities.”

Tate has previous experience with major global brands including Tyco Integrated Security, where he was director of retail video solutions and data analytics and was responsible for driving growth and providing leadership to sales teams.

About Oncam Grandeye

Oncam Grandeye was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Switzerland with regional offices in the UK, US, Turkey, Iraq and the Middle East. The cornerstone of the Oncam Grandeye security solution is a unique process that enables video surveillance, acquisition, tracking and interrogation of 'suspicious' behavior enabling the verification of a potential threat. This provides the necessary intelligence needed to make a measured response to any critical situation. The unique line of 360° IP cameras used in this process utilize award-winning, patented technology that is recognized as the global industry leader in Total Situation Awareness.

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