US Jewelry Safe Manufacturer Goes Big by Upholding American Values

VISTA, Calif., Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- "Build it for your children's children, and teach them the same." These simple yet potent words, passed from father to son, became the dictum Frederick Brown lived by when he commenced his foray into the safe making business over 36 years ago. Today, it's these same words that continue to guide his company as it embarks on its next major transition into a global contender in the world of high security safe manufacturing.

Within weeks, Brown will be unlocking the doors to his newest 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility located deep in the business district of Vista California. Steady marketing and production expansion will follow. Expanded offerings within the company's highly successful jewelry safe and military safe lines is planned and the company is also busy developing radically new security solutions outside the realm of safes as well.

During a time when most companies are dramatically downsizing, this family owned business credits their success squarely on their steadfast commitment to what is described as "Essential American Values." "We were taught the words 'Made in America' are far more than that, they are in fact an oath made by the maker that their product was built in strict adherence to the core values we as Americans value most," states Lynel Brown, daughter and VP of Brown Safe.

In a nutshell, these essential values can be summarized as … a commitment to quality craftsmanship, design aimed at long term reliability, and the unending drive to innovate. "We called them values for a reason, and our nation thrived accordingly. Over the years, it seems many of us have forgotten the power that comes from a bullheaded adherence to these values. At Brown Safe, we haven't forgotten so we remain strong, and continue growing stronger," states Frederick.

The construction of their new building itself functions as a reflection of these essential values, bristling with advanced motion tracking security cameras and executive bodyguards, the grounds have everything one would expect from a company charged with protecting the nation's embassies and military installations. But this new building is also home to a creativity room, designed to promote innovative solutions to perplexing security challenges. Lynel elaborates, "We blur the line between work and family. Everyone works and eats together. We respect and honor all employees as family, and expect the same in return. We hold many family events and engage in a variety of athletic outings outside work as well." Lynel herself mentors to children of employees in her office, teaching valuable entrepreneurial skills to better equip them for tomorrow's challenges.

Though still early in their far reaching goals, a commitment to American values continues to move the family at Brown Safe steadily forward in an economy that continues to rapidly recede, making "Made in America" once again words of high worth.

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SOURCE Brown Safe Manufacturing