NCKU International New Students Get off to a Great Start

TAINAN, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- More than 250 international new students have successfully enrolled and settled down into a new life during the first week of the new semester at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan.

NCKU’s reputation as a top-tier university in Taiwan makes it the best choice for the international students to get overseas education in Asia.

“Located in the culture-rich southern city of Tainan, NCKU with high reputation in academic research is my first choice to study and to learn about the real culture of Taiwan,” said Ludwig Maria Dierks, a new exchange student of Department of Mathematics at NCKU, who was thrilled about the totally new cultural experience and expecting to enjoy life here in the new semester.

Having a treat of bubble milk tea – one of Taiwan’s best-known beverages, Ludwig said with his thumb up, “This is so good and the taste is different from the bubble tea I tried in Germany,” adding that he can’t wait to try more local food here.

To offer better service for the international students, NCKU has recruited over 160 students for volunteer work as “buddies” offering a helping hand to the new students. The individual service started from the moment when a foreign student arrived at the airport in Taiwan, including pick-up service, dormitory check-in, signing up for classes, and Internet connection.

Anna Zeiba, who just arrived in Taiwan from Poland, said, “I’m not sure that I can get around the campus and have everything done without my buddy, Claire.”

“The buddy program is very good and my buddy, Shannen, helps me to get a bicycle, mattress, and get everything done,” according to Dominick Bower, a German student majoring in Mechanical Engineering, who said he had a lot of fun in the first week at NCKU.

“Offering used bicycles free for international students is a very thoughtful service provided by NCKU,” said Meghan Wallace, a new student who has left the United States on an exchange program for Chinese language at NCKU.

“The only problem right now is that my Chinese is limited so I have to learn it,” according to Dominick Bower, “but we can take free Chinese courses here and it will make my stay in Taiwan get better and better.”

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