Newly-Published Micro-Corps: Rise of the Idea Architects (A New Generation of Entrepreneurs) Poises “The Little Guy” for Big Business Success

Amadeus Consulting's Technology Expert John Basso Launches Thought-Provoking Book

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The business mantra "bigger is better" isn't always right. Custom software development company Amadeus Consulting's co-founder and CIO John Basso’s newly released book, Micro-Corps: Rise of the Idea Architects (self-published, 2012) explains the significant role Micro-Corps play in today’s economy. Citing their best practices, strategies, and mindsets, Basso’s book offers practical information to position even the smallest companies as thought-leaders and significant revenue generators.

As Basso explains in his book, Micro-Corps are run by people who are very passionate about their ideas. Micro-Corp owners are more enthusiastic about these ideas than they are about the corporate structure that contains them. This book is about those Idea Architects and how they bring their ideas to life through Micro-Corps.

Topics Basso addresses in Micro-Corps: Rise of the Idea Architects include:

  • How to become a focused organization
  • Why a million dollar idea isn’t enough
  • How to develop into a good Idea Architect
  • Strategies for building Micro-Corps
  • Next steps for continued success

As small and large businesses struggle to stay afloat in today's unstable economic climate, Basso’s book empowers those who may be stuck in a rut to break out of the constructs of traditional business management systems and learn how they can make more focused, intelligent decisions about resource acquisition, labor, and investments in a sustainable, practical manner. For a review copy or to request an interview with John Basso, please contact Michelle Francis 720-254-1288 or

About John Basso

As the co-founder and CIO of Amadeus Consulting, John Basso has worked at the intersection of business and technology for more than 17 years. He has worked with hundreds of companies, some large, some small and many Micro-Corps. His first passion is technology; Basso has always worked hard to improve his business and the businesses of his clients. His second passion is sustainability, not only concerning the environment but in creating sustainable, viable businesses. One day he hopes to create a Micro-Corp that combines both of his passions. For good karma, he currently acts as a free mentor consulting other businesses making their businesses more sustainable. For more information about John Basso, visit,, or

About Amadeus Consulting

Amadeus Consulting is a complete technology solutions provider, leveraging the appropriate technology - via the web, PC, and a broad arrange of mobile devices - to deliver successful business results to each client. The company features enterprise development, creative and business consulting services, conversion analytics and digital marketing expertise and expert technical staffing. Amadeus Consulting solutions utilize a variety of business processes to meet clients’ unique business and technology challenges.

Amadeus Consulting was honored as a 2011 Colorado Company to Watch, named the Top Mobile Developer in its region since 2010 from the BCBR, and has placed on the Inc. 5000 list since 2006. For more information, visit

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