Captricity Launches Open Data Portal at Code for America Summit

BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Captricity (, announced yesterday at the Code for America Summit the launch of their Open Data Portal ( for publicly sharing digital, structured data sets. Captricity is a member of Code for America's inaugural Accelerator Program. Captricity's award-winning technology extracts data from images of paper documents—even handwritten forms—and delivers structured data via spreadsheet or API. With the Open Data Portal, Captricity now allows governments and organizations of any size to easily digitize, redact and share their datasets with the world.

"Captricity unlocks the wealth of information that is right now trapped on paper, working to bridge the digital divide," said Kuang Chen, CEO of Captricity. "Our Open Data Portal allows people working for the public good to take the next step: sharing that information publicly." With the launch of the portal, Captricity gives the public digital data that can be queried and analyzed—beyond simply scans of documents with data still locked away on their pages.

The first dataset in the Open Data Portal ( is a selection of data from the 1940s census, featuring Chuck Norris, Franklin D. Roosevelt (during his Presidency), Martin Luther King Jr. and Morgan Freeman. It provides a fun example to show the more serious potential of public data sets.

Captricity is calling for public data set submissions from government agencies and departments, as well as anyone else holding important data, with a goal of increasing collaboration, accountability, and general access to data. Send inquiries to

About Code for America
Code for America builds a network of civic leaders and organizations who believe there is a better way of doing things and want to make a difference. Captricity is part of the inaugural class of startups participating in the Code for America accelerator program, designed to support technology companies working to make government operations more open and efficient.

About Captricity

Captricity is an award-winning Berkeley, CA–based company that offers a completely self-serve data entry service for digitizing paper forms. Captricity extracts data off of paper and into digital tables quickly and cheaply, via for end users and via its API for developers. Captricity is not OCR; it is human-quality (double-key) data extraction, even from free-form and cursive handwriting. More information at


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