APCON Announces Packet Controller At INTEROP New York

WILSONVILLE, Ore., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- APCON Inc., the industry leader for intelligent data traffic management solutions for network monitoring and security, today announces a new IntellaFlex™ Packet Controller blade for the industry-leading INTELLAPATCH Series 3000 network monitoring switch. The new blade offers packet de-duplication services, APCON's next packet modification feature. Packet de-duplication complements APCON's core IntellaFlex feature set of packet aggregation, filtering, and load balancing to offer a range of vertical data center applications. Additionally, the IntellaFlex Packet Controller blade uses a programmable architecture that is designed to allow new feature development up to Layer 7 capabilities.

"We are very excited about the capabilities the Packet Controller blade offers our customers. By eliminating duplicate packets, customers can significantly increase the real capacity their tools can manage. In addition, our programmable architecture allows APCON to be more responsive to future customer requirements," says Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON.

Why is Packet De-duplication Important?

There are a number of network topologies that can lead to multiple copies of each packet being routed to network monitoring appliances. This can cause network event recorders and analysis appliances to be overloaded with duplicate packets, drastically reducing monitoring efficiency and increasing monitoring costs. Some network analysis appliances cannot process data with duplicates, and rely on de-duplication to operate in certain topologies.

The IntellaFlex Packet Controller blade examines each packet as it enters the APCON network monitoring switch and creates a unique digital signature for that packet based on header and payload information. As more packets arrive, exact duplicates are discarded, maximizing the elapsed network traffic time that the network monitoring appliances can analyze. Packet de-duplication further contributes to APCON's ability to maximize network visibility in the data center.

Unique Intelligent Packet Traffic Management Solution

In addition to the new IntellaFlex Packet Controller blade, APCON is introducing the newest features of its unique IntellaFlex™ line of packet aggregation switch products at INTEROP New York. With a selection of 1RU, 2RU, 4RU, and 8RU chassis, and a variety of blades providing up to 288 configurable ports per chassis, APCON is dedicated to helping today's enterprise maximize network visibility and minimize network monitoring costs. APCON is the industry leader in packet aggregation, data filtering, port tagging, and load balancing. These capabilities are now complemented by APCON's state-of-the-art de-duplication technology on IntellaFlex.


APCON develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support intelligent data traffic analysis, and streamline network management and security. The company serves as the industry leader for state-of-the-art packet aggregation, filtering, and network switching products, as well as leading-edge management-software support. Organizations in over 50 countries currently depend on APCON solutions in their network infrastructures. Customers include Global Fortune 500 companies, banks and financial services institutions, telecommunication and service providers, government and military organizations, and computer equipment manufacturers. For more information, visit www.apcon.com or follow on Twitter at @APCON.