Brings Political Parody Into the 21st Century, Mocking the Political Process With a Life-or-Death Bite

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Voters all across America are being asked to make a momentous, even life-or-death decision by November 6th, a decision that starts with…a terrarium?

At, visitors see a live webcam of a terrarium that's divided into two sections, one housing a hungry snake and the other a small mouse. Between now and Election Day, they can then register to cast votes on "Feed Him or Freedom" – deciding whether the wall gets removed on November 6th, allowing the scaly reptile to enjoy a mammalian meal, or the mouse gets set free.

The venture was created as a website and social media forum designed to score a few comic points about the modern political scene – especially about the polarization, mudslinging and role of money in the process.

The "experiment in deMockracy" includes subsections where two activist groups – the right-leaning "Friends Of The Snake" (FOTS) and the liberal "MouseOn" – state their cases, ridicule the opposition, and try to sway the electorate with arguments that are at once grounded and self-parodying by virtue of how far they're willing to go in demonizing the opposition.

Emails and advertising spots are part of the mix, deftly parodying those inundating broadcast, cable and online channels from Democratic and Republican camps and their supporters.

"We thought there was a need to really poke fun at a lot of the marketing and persuasion tools being used nowadays," says Snake Or Mouse founder Andrew Loos, who knows a thing or two about the subject from his day job as a founder of a west coast event marketing firm. "It's too rich an opportunity."

Registrants can not only vote every day between now and November 6th, but can earn extra votes by emailing friends and family to join the site, or by purchasing "Snake Or Mouse" merchandise from the on-site store.

Moreover, advertisers who buy media on the site get "SuperPAC"-type voting rights, too. Which, to Andrew Loos, is part of the point.

"We want people to be able to laugh at some of the issues of modern politics," he says, "but with an edge. If the Snake wins, we'll really remove that wall, live on the Web. That part of the process, at least, is perfectly transparent."

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