Tax Experts at American Tax PROs Report Americans Robbed of $10.7 Billion by Tax Services

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hard working people pay taxes all year long to the government. So why is it that taxpayers have to pay to file income tax returns? Even worse, why do taxpayers have to pay to get a refund of their OWN money?

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Since taxpayers are already forced to pay trillions in taxes to the government, why is it that they had to shell out over $10 billion to file tax returns this year? Taxpayers are getting robbed because filing your taxes should be FREE. Keep all your refund and stop refund robbery with American Tax PROs.

The IRS takes too much out of most workers checks all year long and then workers are charged a penalty in the form of tax preparation fees to get a refund of their OWN money. This is outrageous, unfair and hard-working taxpayers are getting robbed.

If taxpayers owe the IRS at the end of the year and also pay a tax preparer to file their taxes - they are literally "paying a bill, to pay a bill". People would never pay fees to a meter reader "electricity bill preparer" just to tell them how much they owe the electric company. That sounds ludicrous right? Preparing and paying taxes should be free.

"Taxpayers are tired of getting robbed of hundreds of dollars each year from tax services," states Mike Dixon, CEO of American Tax PROs. "Most of the time, tax services take their charges directly from the taxpayers refund. We think that something is wrong with this model and that filing taxes should be free. We are going to 'Stop Refund Robbery™'. By offering our tax professionals for free, we save most taxpayers $200 or more each year. Which is really important in today's economy. And everyone that registers within the next few days at will receive $1,000 free cash to spend at hundreds of their favorite stores."

Getting your taxes prepared by professionals is far from cheap. Here are the facts:

  • Taxpayers shelled out over $10 Billion in fees this year getting their taxes filed.
  • Many taxpayers pay $200 - $500 to file their taxes.
  • The leading online do-it-yourself tax services charge most taxpayers $90 to $140. It just doesn't make since to pay online do-it-yourself tax services $90 and still have to go through the hassle of trying to do your taxes yourself.

American Tax PROs are compensated by corporate sponsors so taxpayers can finally stop paying to get a refund of their own money. Taxpayers must register at to receive free tax preparation. Some key benefits are:

  • 'Free For Life' professional tax preparation
  • Save hundreds in cash (up to $200 or more)
  • Keep all of your refund (maximum refund guarantee)
  • Receive an additional $1,000 of Free Cash
  • Free 'Stop Refund Robbery' shirt

The $1,000 Free Cash and the Free "Stop Refund Robbery" shirt are available for a limited time for taxpayers that register now at

American Tax PROs are located in every major metro area. To take advantage of this offer, you must go to, click on "Free for Life" offer, select a location near you, and register.

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