Office Chair Warriors: Relief of Aches and Pains on the Way

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Business workers around the world are angry with office furniture companies' promises of making 'fully adjustable' office chairs that just plain "hurt." Many people who were told that the 'ergonomic' or 'ideal' sitting posture has been worked out found themselves constantly complaining about pain associated with uncomfortable and expensive chairs. One company in particular,, claims to have the answer to the problem, providing a practical approach to relieve workers' pains. According to Jackson Burgess, Owner of Office Furniture Biz, tensions are building to a peak with office workers and at-home workers.

Back pain caused by ill-fitted chairs is truly worldwide. A National Institute of Health (US National Library of Medicine) study measured, for example, Greek workers experiencing chronic lower back pain (LBP). The study found a surprising 61.6% of workers suffered chronic LBP. In the USA, back pain is the most expensive ($50 billion/yr.) injury and most frequent (31%) disorder with office workers according to the Herman Miller Research Group. These numbers have grabbed the attention of the $9.4 billion office furniture industry. "Your office chair is something you are in contact with everyday and use multiple hours a day. If used incorrectly it can cause major problems, and that's where we come in," Mr. Burgess explains. "But what's interesting: the chair itself isn't a pain in the back; not knowing how to adjust the office chairs - that's the problem."

With the scientific wherewithal to accomplish most tasks efficiently, one would think that giving the correct instructions to each worker prescribing the ideal (ergonomic) position would go a long way in solving a significant portion of the $50 billion/yr. Lower Back Pain injury claims. Mr. Burgess agrees and provides a hotline that even he will answer, "We have a dedicated line that, if over-filled, rings directly to me. We're different. Our customers' backs hurt right now and we have the 'Right Now' answer to help their back problem: Adjustment instructions over the phone!"

Mr. Burgess' 'Right Now' hotline seems to be an effective remedy and his clients, according to him, "...absolutely love it! When they want to write an email thanking us for our customer service, and I tell them I'm the owner, well, I've heard a lot of laughs, that's for sure." has been providing furniture for almost 20 years. They supply Designers, Businesses and individual consumers with a wide array of assorted chairs, tables, and office furniture equipment using 200 different lines of furniture to fit any need. You can track them online using Twitter and Facebook or by visiting

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