The CIOP Institute Honors CIOP Designees

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The CIOP Institute is pleased to announce the insurance leaders and professionals who have successfully attained their Chartered Insurance Operations Professional (CIOP) Designation as members of the Class of 2012. Fulfillment of the requirements for the CIOP Designation includes participation in the rigorous CIOP Designation Class followed by successful completion of the CIOP Exam Project.

The CIOP Designation Class provides an intense two-and-a-half day content-rich presentation of the key underlying concepts and cutting-edge techniques in designing, building, and sustaining high-performance insurance operations. Given the significant amount of information that is presented, and the respective knowledge to be gained by CIOP candidates, the teaching approach is particularly robust, interactive and dynamic. Topics that comprise the CIOP Designation Class include: Operational Design and Development, Forging and Executing Operational Strategies, Organizational & Business Model Design, Process Principals and Design Techniques, Designing and Delivering a Superior Customer Experience, Rethinking and Designing Robust Performance Standards, Advancing Operational Performance Through Contemporary Metrics, Competing on Analytics, Technology Enabled High Performing Operations, Value Proposition Engineering and Delivery, Leveraging Human Capital and Talent for Sustainable Operational Excellence, and Managing Change – Planning and Mobilizing for Improved Results.

Following the designation class, the CIOP candidates are provided 90 days to complete their CIOP Exam Project. The Exam Project provides the opportunity for class participants to review and reinforce the depth and breadth of the designation class topical content. The Exam Project also enables the CIOP candidates to select among a number of application questions to practice the respective concepts and techniques within their specific organizational setting. Candidates are also encouraged to team with other candidates from the same sponsoring firm in completing the Exam Project. While particularly demanding, the CIOP Designation Program is a very sensible and mature approach to mastering and applying critical business fundamentals, advanced management concepts and cutting-edge techniques.

The combination of content-rich instruction and a reinforcing exam project ensures that the entire CIOP Designation and learning experience is intensely pragmatic and of immediate benefit to CIOP candidates and their sponsoring firms. Indeed, the CIOP Designation provides a pathway for insurance industry leaders and professionals to meet head-on the challenges associated with significantly improving and advancing the capabilities of their firms. The CIOP Designation does this through a dedicated belief in the power of knowledge as a shaper of performance, a builder of professionalism, a creator of ideas, and an inciter of innovation and change.

Philip Mondanaro, a member of the Board of Directors for the CIOP Institute, in a recent interview spoke of the overwhelming success of the CIOP Designation Program stating that since its introduction in 2008 over 750 insurance leaders and professionals from 90 firms have participated – with many firms requiring that all the emerging leaders within their organizations successfully pursue the CIOP course of study and professional development program. Mr. Mondanaro further shared that the intention is to "relentlessly, purposely, and significantly raise the standards by which insurance organizations perform – through the highest degree of efficiency, effectiveness, integration and execution. And to do this by providing CIOP candidates a rigorous development experience in which they learn to create and sustain a new level of ability in designing and controlling business models and processes, delivering an unsurpassed customer experience, designing and managing lean operations, improving and measuring performance with precision and prediction, allocating and engaging resources optimally, and driving ever higher levels of performance throughout their organization and into the marketplace."

The 2013 CIOP Designation Class will be held April 17 - 19, 2013 at the American Management Association Executive Conference Center in New York City. More information regarding the CIOP Designation Program including course curricula, conference brochure and registration forms are available at, or by calling the CIOP Institute at 866.930.CIOP.

Please join us in congratulating those candidates of the CIOP Class of 2012 who have successfully attained their CIOP Designation:

Christopher Moss – Endurance Specialty

Blair D. Bass – United Healthcare

Lisa Stamm – United Healthcare

Cynthia Mueller – United Healthcare

Jeff Botkin – Delta Dental of Michigan

Karin Martin – Arbella Insurance

Mark W. Silva – Arbella Insurance

Nupur Jain – Hiscox USA

Shant Jain – Alberta Motor Insurance

Robin Michele Mills – Alberta Motor Insurance

Harold C. Pacaud – Alberta Motor Insurance

Peter L. Smith – Alberta Motor Insurance

Joanne Schiweck-Doherty – Alberta Motor Insurance

Peadar Mulhal – Alberta Motor Insurance

Kerry Busniak – Selective Insurance

Heather Matthews – Crawford & Company Canada

Jennifer Virley – Crawford & Company Canada

Lynn M. Whitehead – Safeco Insurance

Sean Coyle – ACE Insurance

Margaret Y. Wong – CAA Insurance

Maryellen Dolan – Tower Group

Joe Chamberlain – Tower Group

Laurie A. Ranegar – Tower Group

Susan Plochocki – Tower Group

Sanjeev Navalkar – Axis Insurance

William Harnett – Axis Insurance

Michele Young – Western Reserve Group

Diane Weidrick – Westfield Insurance

Tony Carvalho – Travelers Insurance

Lynn Hussey – Knights of Columbus Insurance

William J. Murray – Knights of Columbus Insurance

Beverly Cole – Axis Insurance

Neville Bilimoria – Axis Insurance

Robin Joshua – CAA Insurance

James Sullivan – Consumers Insurance

Amy E. Cline – Homesite Insurance

Antonino M. Silva – Homesite Insurance

Clarence Liu – Homesite Insurance

Debbie Bettencourt – Homesite Insurance

Catherine Jacobs – Homesite Insurance

Gwen Smith – Axis Insurance

David Petterson – Liberty International Underwriters

Susan Nichol – Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

Alexander J. Noser – Hartford Steam Boiler

Brent Overholser – Hartford Steam Boiler

Pamela J. Pergolatto – Montpelier Underwriting Group

Jim Mootz – Church Mutual Insurance

Sidney B. Belcher – Alfa Insurance

Kimberly M. Pagano – Nationwide Insurance

Duncan Y. Manley, Jr. - ProAssurance

For additional information, please contact Paul James, the CIOP Institute, at 866.930. 2467.

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