Barrel Of Jobs Launches At DEMO 2012 In Silicon Valley

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Barrel of Jobs, a Washington, DC-based social recruiting platform that supercharges employee referral programs and uses crowd sourcing to deliver better candidates faster, launched today at DEMO Fall 2012 in Silicon Valley.

For over two decades, DEMO has built an unmatched track record of selecting, coaching, and launching game-changing startups. In just the past five years, start-up companies have raised over $4.5 billion dollars following their debut at DEMO.

"We are excited to launch Barrel of Jobs in Silicon Valley at DEMO," said Christopher Hertz, CEO, Barrel of Jobs. "As a startup in Washington, DC, we are especially proud to represent our vibrant entrepreneurial community."

Barrel of Jobs solves a critical problem for companies of all sizes – the perpetual mismatch of talent and jobs. By using Barrel of Jobs as part of their recruiting strategy, employers can access a large, untapped "silent majority" of passive job seekers, increase the size of their applicant pool, and increase diversity of applicants—all while decreasing search time and cost.

Employers post jobs on the Barrel of Jobs website for free, only paying a fee when they hire a candidate sourced through the Barrel. This novel pay-per-hire approach aligns the incentives of Barrel of Jobs and the employer, creating a powerful partnership.

"On other job sites, you always pay but you don't always get a candidate," said Hertz. "With Barrel of Jobs, you only pay when the candidate is hired, period."

Barrel of Jobs expands the reach of employee referral programs, helps companies track referrals, and allows them to leverage thousands of participants to crowd source the best candidates.

The Barrel of Jobs website makes it simple and easy for employees and other participants to share jobs through their social networks, and provides compelling incentives for recipients to reshare. Barrel of Jobs tracks these shares and reshares, and builds a referral chain. When a chain results in a successful hire, all of the members of the chain receive a financial reward.

About Barrel of Jobs

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Barrel of Jobs ( is a turnkey social recruiting solution that delivers better candidates, faster. Its mission for individuals is threefold: help a friend find a job, earn money from the referral, and put America back to work.

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