Evive Health COO Addresses HERO Annual Meeting on Ways to Increase Engagement in Health and Wellness Programs

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Prashant Srivastava, chief operating officer of Evive Health, was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Health Enhancement Research Organization’s (HERO) annual meeting, October 2 – 4, in Minnesota. Evive Health is one of the nation’s leading innovators of technology solutions that provides individuals with personalized health and wellness tools that improve their health decision making.

Joining Srivastava in the presentation was Lisa Shu, visiting assistant professor of management and organization at The Kellogg School of Management. Shu’s teaching and research focuses primarily on ethical decision making over the long term in order to identify moral nudges that can be effective across cultural settings. Together, Srivastava and Shu discussed how personalized messaging can be the key to increasing employee engagement in preventative health and wellness programs.

“More and more employers across the country are recognizing that offering employee health and wellness programs isn’t enough if their employees don’t participate due to real or perceived barriers,” said Srivastava. “Through our presentation we shared with attendees some insights into the newest engagement tools that make it easier for individuals to take action and which have been proven to greatly enhance participation and results.”

Unhealthy workers are collectively costing corporate America more than $153 billion in lost productivity annually. Attendees at the Evive presentation learned the secrets to dramatically increasing member/employee participation in health and wellness programs, including understanding the barriers to participation and how to effectively overcome them.

They also discovered the road-tested techniques that diverse industries have successfully used to increase direct response to their communications and how those same practices can be applied to enhance engagement in health and wellness programs.

“The key is personalized messaging,” Srivastava told the attendees. “By getting away from simply sending generic messages and by smartly nudging people in the right way – and through the right interactive tools – we have seen response rates 3-5 times that of traditional healthcare communications. In fact, in the first year alone, our communications techniques have raised member adherence an average of 21 percent.”

Evive Health has been part of the HERO think tank, which brings together a select group of executives from around the country to exchange ideas, expertise and recommendations in order to solve problems and react to opportunities concerning employee health management national policy and strategy.

Founded in 2007, Evive Health is the leading innovator in designing personalized communication tools that motivate individuals to engage in health and wellness enhancement activities that improve their health, lower healthcare costs, and lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Earlier this year Evive was recognized with an award of excellence at the 11th Annual Patient Adherence Forum in Philadelphia. Evive was also presented with a “Gold” Aster Award for the direct mail program it created on behalf of the state of Nebraska to educate its employees on their cost-savings Wellness Health Plan options and other health and wellness decisions.

Further information on Evive may be obtained at http://www.evivehealth.com/.

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