North Plains Forms Strategic Alliance with Industrial Color

Relationship to Provide Customers with Best-of-Breed Solutions for the Creative Production Process

TORONTO & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- North Plains Systems Holdings, L.P., the largest pure-play digital asset management (DAM) provider and Industrial Color Software, Inc., a family of vertically integrated software and creative production companies, today announced an alliance to establish the strategic foundation for joint sales and marketing opportunities and plan for future technology development. Through this alliance, North Plains and Industrial Color will continue to offer enterprises the best-of-breed solutions to seamlessly manage the lifecycle of all rich media assets, especially high-end photo and video content from capture through to production.

Organizations today need to be more agile and efficient in executing multi-channel marketing initiatives so that they can deliver content to market faster. Industrial Color’s photo and video platform, GLOBALedit®, complements North Plains’ Xinet and TeleScope systems to connect more stakeholders in the rich media asset lifecycle. The three solutions allow enterprises to improve their digital experience through collaboration between the production and creative teams with GLOBALedit and Xinet, while still maintaining control over the management and distribution of their assets through TeleScope.

“North Plains is pleased to formalize a partnership with Industrial Color in order to leverage the value-add derived from the complementarity of each other’s solutions,” said Eric Courville, Director of Marketing and Alliances at North Plains. “We have several joint customers who are already using our respective systems to improve their overall digital experience and be more agile and responsive with their marketing initiatives. While Industrial Color’s GLOBALedit solution adds value to the creative production process from the moment of photo or video capture, North Plains’ strength is in our ability to manage the lifecycle of all assets through distribution and reuse. We look forward to working together to provide enterprises with proven solutions that will enrich their digital experience and increase efficiency.”

GLOBALedit helps creative teams streamline their production process from capture to distribution. Customers can move content from capture to the cloud for review, approval and distribution with online tools built to support creative processes and schedules. The web-based solution helps teams reign in complexity and remove bottlenecks around creative production with dynamic tools and instant, real-time access around the globe on the web, iPad and touch enabled devices such as GLOBALedit LightTable.

Xinet, North Plains’ collaboration solution for creative groups, is tailored for production teams and workgroups to accelerate their workflows, while North Plains’ enterprise DAM platform, TeleScope, provides the foundation for the management, control and distribution of all digital and rich media content across the organization. With Xinet and TeleScope, different groups and channels across organizations worldwide can work concurrently and more efficiently, leading to improved time-to-market, increased regional relevance, brand compliance, and minimized costs.

“Our vision has always been to give creative users a collaborative platform and toolset to work smarter, faster and produce a lot more with less. Our alignment with North Plains helps connect the dots and leverage the value of GLOBALedit for extended production workflows. Both Telescope and Xinet are important enterprise tools. By using GLOBALedit and North Plains tools, clients have the best-of-breed workflow solution from start to finish,” said Steve Kalalian, President and Owner, Industrial Color Brands.

Upcoming Joint Events

As a first initiative following this alliance, Industrial Color and North Plains will present a joint Webinar on October 18, 2012 showcasing GLOBALedit, Xinet and TeleScope, and how the three solutions can leverage each other.

North Plains and Industrial Color will also participate at the upcoming Henry Stewart DAM conference in Los Angeles, November 1-2, 2012 and will jointly demonstrate the three solutions at the event.

About GLOBALedit/Industrial Color

GLOBALedit was launched in 2002 by the software division of Industrial Color. Industrial Color Brands is a family of vertically integrated creative production companies that provide high-end production, post-production, SaaS workflow solutions and related services. The company has evolved organically since 1991 from a culture of innovation, excellence and attention to industry trends and client needs. The brands operate independently and together to provide holistic solutions for a wide range of leading brands, agencies and creative professionals. Some clients include Victoria’s Secret, Warner Brother Studios, Showtime, New York & Company, HBO, AMC and Turner Broadcasting. For more information, please visit and

About North Plains Systems

Named the largest pure-play digital asset provider by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, North Plains Systems is the world leader in managing the digital rich media assets and publishing processes that create the vast majority of digital and print communications. By providing software and services that enable companies to shift from content management to digital supply chains and multi-channel publishing processes, North Plains helps companies manage their brand, expand their rich media communications across multiple channels, and deliver higher quality content faster, at lower cost. For more information, please visit

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