Mogreet Launches Powerful APIs for Video, Image, and Audio MMS, SMS and Content Transcoding

VENICE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mogreet, the leading SMS and MMS text messaging platform used by Fortune 500 marketers, today announced the launch of Mogreet’s mobile API services. The platform offers a complete suite of developer tools utilizing Mogreet’s proprietary mobile technology. This set of tools provides developers a simple and cost-effective way to deliver MMS, SMS, video, in-app messaging as well as mobile user lookup services.

“Over the last several years, our text, picture and video messaging platform has powered many of the industry’s largest and most successful mobile video and messaging campaigns,” said James Citron, co-founder and CEO of Mogreet. “Today, we’re opening up access to this same platform via a set of APIs.”

“Now developers have a simple, easy to use set of APIs to deliver messages, notifications, alerts and rich media to mobile devices,” says Anthony Rossano, CTO of Mogreet, “We can’t wait to see what the millions of creative developers out there will build with our platform and messaging APIs.”

Built by developers for developers, Mogreet’s RESTful APIs provide cloud-based solutions to quickly add MMS, SMS, video streaming, content optimization, and rich media to online, mobile and social applications within minutes.

Mogreet’s mobile API services include:

  • MMS API Services
    While SMS (text only messages) API services have existed for some time, Mogreet’s MMS (text and multimedia message) APIs are the first of its kind in the industry. Since MMS enables the insertion of high-quality video (up to 1 minute), photos, slideshows, songs and nearly unlimited character text messages, these APIs enable developers to integrate true rich media messaging into their products and services for only $.01 per MMS message sent. Mogreet’s MMS services APIs work across all of the top wireless carriers in the United States.
  • Content Optimization, Transcoding & Delivery
    Every mobile device reads and receives multimedia content differently. Mogreet’s content optimization APIs transcode uploaded multimedia content (image, videos, or audio files) into all of the appropriate file formats to ensure the highest quality media delivery to each mobile device on the market. With Mogreet’s APIs, developers no longer have to worry about creating multiple content formats or identifying which content is needed for each of the thousands of devices on the market, the APIs do the transcoding for them.

    Mogreet’s APIs easily and quickly transcode and store highly optimized multimedia content to playback perfectly on a wide range of mobile devices, notebooks, desktop computers, tablets, and other Internet connected devices.
  • User Lookup API Services
    Mogreet’s lookup API services gives developers access to valuable mobile phone data, including carrier, handset, OS, and handset capabilities, for future targeting and customized outreaches.
  • In-App Messaging
    Mogreet’s in-app messaging API provides users with the tools to push rich media content to app subscribers.

About Mogreet

Founded in 2006, Mogreet is the leading text messaging platform for the delivery of rich media and video to mobile devices. The company works with leading retail, entertainment, media and consumer products marketers as well as developers through the Mogreet API portal. Currently supported in over 175 countries, Mogreet’s platform reaches 2 billion consumers globally. The company has raised $14.1 million in venture capital from top venture capital firms. Mogreet is headquartered in Venice, California. Follow Mogreet at or join in the conversation at

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