Cardo Systems Releases New Software Upgrade for the scala rider G9 Communication and Entertainment System for Motorcyclists

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cardo Systems, Inc. announces the release of software version 1.3 for the scala rider G9. The free upgrade is available now to all G9 users via the Cardo Community® online platform. URL:

Since its introduction, the scala rider® G9 has been widely recognized as the most 'social' and feature-rich communication and entertainment system for motorcyclists. Software version 1.3 offers new voice commands, audio announcements, new VOX setting and cross-language voice recognition.

The Call Intercom Setting on your G9 allows users to easily and seamlessly open an intercom conversation with fellow rider right away without the need to first give a voice command in advance. Simply set your unit to Call Intercom Setting and start speaking to your friends.

Customize Your VOX Setting

  • Alternative Call Intercom Setting: in addition to the default Voice Command Setting whereby users first speak a general voice command, followed by specific function commands, the new alternative mode has been added to allow users to activate the intercom to fellow riders just by speaking (like the scala rider models G4 and Q2 PRO and TeamSet® PRO)
  • Voice Command Setting: Original VOX setting for voice control instruction to control opening functions: via a first voice command to initiate a beep that indicates to users that the device is ready for a voice command, and a second command to either speak on the intercom or control any available function, remains the default option.

Original Voice Commands

  • Radio on/off
  • Music on/off on your cell phone or BT MP3
  • Call riding partner by voice tag

Additional Cool New Voice Commands

  • Control Music by Voice: Next Track, Previous Track
  • Control Radio: Next Station, Previous Station

BMW Pairing Mode

  • New pairing mode with the BMW Bluetooth® audio system (tested on BMW K 1600) allowing a G9 user simultaneous pairing to mobile phone and to the BMW audio system
  • Retains functionality of the BMW audio system, but enhances through working together

Improved Compatibility with Garmin Zumo 660

  • Improved compatibility with the Garmin® Zumo 660 for voice directions and streaming music

Convenient New Auditory Announcements

  • Low Battery announcement
  • Saved radio station announcement
  • Radio Station Frequency Announcement
  • New Group Signal from rider A or B
  • Power ON/Off Announcement

Assorted Bug Fixes

Multi-language Voice Instruction

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian

We want to thank our loyal customers for their suggestions. You spoke and we listened!

As the most advanced motorcycle wireless Bluetooth® system on the market, the Cardo scala rider® G9 also offers:

  • One+8 Toggling Mode to enable riders to call up fellow G9 riders by voice and toggle back and forth among up to eight other users riding together.
  • Call your A and B intercom partners with 'Call Intercom' command
  • Natural conversation up to 1 mile apart
  • Streaming music in stereo (A2DP) from your mobile phone to high grade speakers
  • Quick and easy attachment to your helmet
  • Click-to-Link® Feature that empowers users to make spontaneous connections to another scala rider G9 or G4 user in the vicinity
  • Flash Pairing® that allows users to pair just by bumping two scala rider G9 units together
  • Receiving incoming calls handsfree with your voice from your Bluetooth cell phone.
  • Voice dial via a press of a button and speaking the person's name (via your Bluetooth phone)
  • Status announcements
  • Hands-free voice controls of many functions (e.g., "music on" or call "Bill Smith"
  • Intelligent priority system that suspends music when you accept phone calls or speak on the intercom to your buddies
  • Dustproof and Waterproof (Certified IP67)
  • Free access to the Cardo Community™
  • Up to 12 hours talk time

Learn more about the Cardo scala rider G9 on either the Cardo website, or on the Cardo Community™, the place to socialize your ride.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems, Inc. , located in Pittsburgh, PA has specialized in Bluetooth® design, development, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art Bluetooth® communication and entertainment systems since 2003 and is worldwide leader in Bluetooth® motorcycle helmet headsets. Cardo has pioneered the overwhelming majority of the most useful and enjoyable innovations in motorcycle, snowmobile and bicycle headsets. The company's scalar rider® line of headsets, now available in over 60 countries is the leading system in the motorcycle industry in the United States and worldwide.

Please purchase only authentic Cardo scala rider® products and avoid imitators.

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