Rally Software Launches Rally For Impact as Next Step in Company's Social Mission

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Rally today announces Rally For Impact™, the next increment of Rally's social mission that aims to mobilize engineers to solve the world's most pressing problems. Rally For Impact's goal is to accelerate the growth and adoption of citizen engineering activities in communities around the world by leveraging Rally's expertise, products, services, partners, customers and foundation grants.

"Every engineer has the potential to be a Citizen Engineer - someone who uses their technical skills and passion to help solve the world's environmental, economic and social challenges," said Dave Douglas, co-author of Citizen Engineer. "I'm thrilled to see Rally's leadership in motivating and educating the next wave of Citizen Engineers."

Rally For Impact is acting upon its mission to mobilize Citizen Engineers to solve the world's toughest problems by:

Donating Rally Products, Services and Agile Expertise:

  • Non-profits, citizen engineers with less than $1 million in revenue, students, B-Corp Members, Unreasonable Fellows, and open-source projects qualify for free licenses of the newly launched version of AgileZen, Rally's Kanban-based project collaboration tool.
  • The new version of AgileZen supports open-source, public Kanban boards that are available to share with anyone and everyone. Collaborators and enthusiasts can learn more about a specific project, a climate-change tracking software for example, without logging-in or becoming a member of the project.
  • Donated and discounted seats of Rally's Agile Platform help students, non-commercial educational institutions, charitable organizations and certified B Corporations collaborate across roles and departments so they can focus on their core missions.

Funding and Volunteering - Rally and Partners for Impact:

Connecting Citizen Engineers & Sharing Stories of Impact

  • Rally For Impact aims to unite a dynamic community of global Citizen Engineers to harness the power of innovative thinking and technology. If you are a Citizen Engineer, act now by:
    • Taking a survey that will help us understand and empathize with your most important needs for starting and increasing your engagement
    • Telling your story and helping us find and profile Citizen Engineers around the world so together we can enable them to be more effective as agilists.

"Considering the pace and scale of environmental change, I believe it has never been more important for Citizen Engineers to collaborate on moving the world to a more sustainable path," said Ryan Martens, Rally's Founder and CTO. "Rally products and solutions that coordinate large-scale engineering projects around the world can easily be applied to Citizen Engineering projects that have a positive impact on our planet. My vision and my goal is to mobilize these engineers to focus and scale solutions to solve the world's most intractable problems."

Visit rallyforimpact.org to learn more about our social mission, read stories of Citizen Engineers around the world, and take a powerful survey that will help us study and classify Citizen Engineers' challenges and needs. Help us build a community of Citizen Engineers by sharing your ideas and participating in the global conversation by following @RallyForImpact.

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