Atrenta Takes Three of Five Top Spots in DeepChip DAC User Survey

Popular DeepChip survey summarizes user opinions on EDA products

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Atrenta Inc., a leading provider of SoC Realization solutions for the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries, announced today that its products took three of the top five positions in the popular DeepChip DAC User Survey. The survey, conducted by John Cooley and published on the DeepChip portal, summarizes user inputs regarding the top products at DAC. This year’s survey included detailed responses from 178 EDA tool users.

The #1 product area in this user survey was RTL power reduction, and prominently included in the user discussion was Atrenta’s SpyGlass Power product. SpyGlass Power verifies, analyzes and optimizes SoC power consumption at the register transfer level (RTL) of abstraction.

IP reuse took the #2 place in the survey, and Atrenta’s IP Kit and GenSys products received positive comments from user respondents.

Taking the #5 place in the user survey were bughunters and BugScope received a substantial number of positive user comments. BugScope is developed by NextOp Software, which was recently acquired by Atrenta.

“I am delighted to see three of the top five categories in the DeepChip DAC User Survey focused on Atrenta core competencies – RTL design and IP reuse,” said Ajoy Bose, chairman, president and CEO at Atrenta. “The many positive user comments about BugScope validate our recent acquisition as well. The user community has spoken – RTL design, verification and IP reuse are gaining importance and Atrenta is in the middle of this trend.”

“Going into DAC, it was clear that RTL power was a hot topic, and it took the #1 spot on my Cheesy Must See List before the show,” said John Cooley, founder and moderator of the DeepChip portal. “Users have commented that 9 - 16 percent power reduction is possible with SpyGlass Power – the highest numbers posted. The ability to take CPF/UPF power intent into account while reducing power was cited as unique and important, too.”

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Atrenta’s SpyGlass® Predictive Analysis software platform significantly improves design efficiency for the world’s leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. Patented solutions provide early design insight into the demanding performance, power and area requirements of the complex system on chips (SoCs) fueling today’s consumer electronics revolution. More than two hundred companies and thousands of design engineers worldwide rely on SpyGlass to reduce risk and cost before traditional EDA tools are deployed. SpyGlass functions like an interactive guidance system for design engineers and managers, finding the fastest and least expensive path to implementation for complex SoCs.

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