Lindt USA Enters Food Service Space With Launch of PICCOLI Chocolate Couverture

STRATHAM, N.H., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Premium Swiss chocolatier, Lindt & Sprungli USA, introduces its newest premium chocolate offering, PICCOLI couverture. The line of premium Swiss chocolate couverture will be distributed in the U.S. for the first time through an exclusive partnership with Qzina Specialty Foods, the leading chocolate, dessert and pastry ingredients distributor in the country. To help introduce the new product to dessert professionals across the country, Lindt and Qzina are hosting a series of introduction events for members of the food service community to experience the product first-hand.

Throughout its 165-year history, Lindt has mastered the art of fine chocolate making through innovative craftsmanship, a proprietary refinement process, and strict quality control tests. The introduction of Lindt PICCOLI provides chocolate, dessert and pastry professionals with the best tasting premium chocolate couverture in small, rapid melting pieces that can be used in a variety of ways, such as coating praline interiors or constructing elaborate dessert creations. Lindt PICCOLI is available in seven different varieties, including:

  • Surfin Semi Sweet: A historic Lindt recipe, boasting a perfect balance in taste, flavor and aroma. This chocolate is ideal for filling preparation, decoration and ganache (52% cocoa, 35% fat).
  • EXCELLENCE: This dark chocolate recipe gives pralines, bars and chocolate creations a fantastic structure, balance and snap (54% cocoa, 35% fat).
  • Bittersweet: The classic dark couverture with a strong, but well balanced cocoa aroma – the pinnacle of delicate dark chocolate among connoisseurs. At 58% cocoa content it satisfies all dark chocolate needs (58% cocoa, 37% fat, 4% milk).
  • Ecuador: This couverture is pure luxury created with a blend of Ecuador's exclusive Arriba Cocoa. With its high cocoa content of 70% it's perfect for intensely flavored chocolate creations such as truffles and mousses (70% cocoa, 40% fat).
  • Milk: This special blend of select cocoa beans and Swiss milk will give recipes an extraordinary taste. This signature Swiss milk chocolate is sublime in truffles or other special chocolate creations (37% cocoa, 36% fat, 18% milk).
  • Milk Extra: A taste reminiscent of Switzerland, with just a hint of caramel to give it a simply delectable profile (38% cocoa, 39.5% fat, 19% milk).
  • White: This couverture has a creamy profile with a classic ivory color. Its delicate flavor and flowing qualities make it ideal for use in both cooking and specialized chocolate work alike (36% cocoa, 36% fat, 22% milk).

"We're thrilled to offer premium Lindt chocolate couverture to dessert professionals across the country," said Christine Bullen, vice president of Direct to Consumer at Lindt USA. "Through our partnership with Qzina, chocolatiers and gourmet pastry chefs will now be able to utilize the best tasting premium chocolate, elevating the quality and elegance of their own dessert creations."

As part of the product launch, Lindt and Qzina are hosting events throughout the month of October in select markets to introduce area food service professionals to PICCOLI. Attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to learn more about the couverture line and experience the product directly. The first event is being held today in Totowa, N.J., with additional events in Chicago (October 10), Los Angeles (October 17) and San Francisco (October 18).

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