Claremont Symposium Addresses Future of Healthcare

Innovations in Patient Empowerment…How Far? How Fast? Who Wins? Who Loses? What’s the Impact on Providers, Patients and Payers?

System Designers Meet to Discuss Impact of Connected Technologies; Empowered “Wounded Warrior” Featured

CLAREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In early November 2012, a group of the nation’s leading healthcare planners and system architects will gather at a Claremont Graduate University symposium to better understand innovations in patient empowerment and the role that technology can play to stimulate behavior change and ensure wellbeing. “Innovations in Patient Empowerment: Patients Taking Control for Better Partnerships in Healing and Wellness” will take place on November 11-12, 2012 at the Westin Pasadena Hotel, CA. To register online please visit

“Joel, an upbeat, articulate and inspiring young Hispanic army sergeant was nearly blown to bits in the Middle East. He’s now blind, missing parts of his skull, left with only one leg and stubs for fingers. He purchased an iPad3 from an Apple store and was ramping up on its disability features. He has two 'readers,' 'Diego' and 'Paulina' who sound like people, not computers, an example of how empowerment will change everything we think we know about healthcare,” according to Dr. Samir Chatterjee, Claremont professor and Chair of the Symposium Steering Committee.

“These innovations will promote partnerships that patients can adopt to maintain health and bridge the gaps in access, and quality that manifest themselves as health disparities,” said Mr. Paul Simms, President of San Diego Black Health Associates, and a Symposium Member. “Joel demonstrates the importance of attitude and trust in managing health outcomes.” Joel is scheduled for skull replacement surgery at Walter Reed on the weekend of the symposium. For program please visit

The symposium features a host of industry and academic leaders sharing their views of the coming impact of new patient empowering technologies including Dr. Rob McCray, President of The Wireless Healthcare Alliance, Vincent Felitti, M.D., Director of Preventive Medicine at Kaiser, San Diego and Founder, the California Institute of Preventive Medicine; and Dr. Kamal Jethwani, Chief-Scientist, Center for Connected Health, Harvard University. Corporate innovators will demonstrate new technologies and new ways of thinking about healthcare. Several breakout sessions will enable attendees to interact with their colleagues.

Dr. Samir Chatterjee available for interviews and comment. Please contact Debbie Douglas at 949-464-9301 or

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