ParishPay Announces “ParishPay is Giving Back” Promotion

As the season of giving approaches, ParishPay supports the charitable collection efforts of its faith-based customers by encouraging greater giving through its “ParishPay is Giving Back” promotion

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ParishPay, the oldest, largest, and most secure electronic giving provider for dioceses, churches, and other non-profit organizations, is encouraging greater giving with a special offer for existing and new ParishPay customers. Any parishioner that makes a recurring donation using ParishPay between October 1 and December 31, 2012 will be eligible to receive one of 65 new third generation iPads. Alternatively, a parishioner can choose to have ParishPay make a $500 donation to Catholic Charities USA in their name.

Benefits of Online Giving for Parishioners

Today’s consumers lead busy lives and often rely on the convenience of the Internet to plan out and schedule their financial payments. In fact, online payments have rapidly overtaken checks as the preferred way for consumers to make their financial payments, now comprising half of all bill payments made in the U.S. With consumers entrusting the Internet for critical financial payments like home mortgages and auto loans, more and more people are using the Internet to fulfill their most important financial commitment of all—their stewardship obligations to their parish or church.

Most importantly, online giving allows a family to come together in the quiet of their home and experience the spiritual fulfillment that comes at the moment of prayerful reflection and commitment to God and their parish. Parishioners feel a stronger involvement with their parish through online giving and are inclined to give more to support their parish’s financial needs, attend Sunday Mass, and be more active overall participants in parish life.

Benefits of Online Giving for Parishes

Despite the best intentions, many parishioners do not have the time to thoughtfully plan out and structure their financial gifts to their parish, leaving them beholden to the money that happens to be in their wallet or a hastily written check at Mass. Research has shown that donations can increase nearly five-fold when parishioners are given the option to thoughtfully make a donation to their church online using a credit or debit card as opposed to cash or check only.

Furthermore, parishes accepting online donations experience a more consistent, reliable base of recurring donations, reducing the seasonal dips that inevitably occur in Sunday collections when parishioners go on vacation during the summer months or experience inclement weather during the winter. The greater predictability afforded by online giving allows parishes to budget long-term expenses and capital requirements with greater confidence.

“We’ve found that families using ParishPay are able to contribute $50 or more per month by setting up recurring credit card donations,” said Matt Golis, CEO of ParishPay. “By offering a simple way to make donations online, we are helping parishes reach their stewardship goals. This giveaway is our way of helping more parishes receive the benefits of eGiving.”

To sign up for the iPad giveaway, go to And to find out if your parish is already a part of the ParishPay network, simply go to If your parish is not listed, recommend your parish to ParishPay by sending an informational email to

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