NuWallet Delivers Integration Toolkit for osCommerce and General-Use Integration Instructions for Mobile-Enabled eCommerce Merchants

DALLAS, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- NuWallet, Inc., a mobile payment and personal information management application provider, has released a pre-tested integration toolkit for the osCommerce, open source, shopping cart platform; as well as, a general-use integration instruction set for any eCommerce merchant who wants to fully leverage mobile-based transactions.

The NuWallet digital wallet app cuts the mobile checkout process from minutes to just a few seconds by securely auto-populating the user's billing and shipping information into the merchant's checkout page to quickly complete a transaction. The app significantly reduces the potential of costly input errors, which not only frustrate the customer, but also increase the likelihood of shopper abandonment.

NuWallet has made integration with merchants easy and affordable. Merchants simply add basic script code to their online shopping carts, while remaining fully compatible with their established back-end payment processing solution. NuWallet is working to provide additional toolkits for other popular online shopping carts and has published an easy-to-follow integration script for custom or private shopping cart platforms.

"The integration of the NuWallet software to our proprietary shopping cart was extremely easy, and I like the fact the NuWallet technology is credit card agnostic" says Mark Lowe, eCommerce CTO for Catholic Faith Store, Dressy Days and USA Made Jewelry. "This technology is important to us because our sites are mobile-enhanced and we're experiencing dramatic growth in the number of mobile-based purchases" he said.

"We believe the consumer will enjoy the speed of the automated checkout process, using only a few taps of the finger to complete a transaction" said George Hendrix, NuWallet's President and CEO. By making checkout easy and fast for the consumer, the NuWallet app leads to a higher mobile-based conversion rate which reduces abandonment of the purchase for the merchant.

Unlike other mobile wallet payment processes that charge additional per-transaction fees and/or expensive usage fees, NuWallet offers an affordable, fixed annual license fee for participating merchants regardless how many transactions occur or the purchase amounts.

Key Features on the NuWallet Shopping Cart Application:

  • Secure communication between the checkout page and the NuWallet app
  • Automated and accurate payment data from the consumer
  • Payment option flexibility
  • Automated shipping data from the consumer


The NuWallet Toolkit and Integration Instructions are now available via NuWallet's web site. From now through January 14th, 2013, merchants can use the solution license free.

  • Toolkit for osCommerce
  • Integration Instructions for proprietary shopping carts
  • Integration Instructions for open source shopping carts
  • Other Toolkits coming

About NuWallet:

NuWallet is a patent-pending technology of NuWallet, Inc. and was founded by a team of industry veterans with a vast amount of experience in credit card processing; merchant services; banking and cash management and the internet security industry.

To learn more, visit our website at or contact us at

Contact: George Hendrix @ 214.904.8447

SOURCE NuWallet, Inc.