Civic Brigade Launch: A new revolutionary software approach to improving legislative transparency

STRATFORD, Conn., Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The portrayal of our Congress across the internet and the media focuses almost exclusively on party lines. As the country heads into an electrifying election season, non-profit Beacon Initiative, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its newest project, Civic Brigade. Civic Brigade's goal is to provide more meaningful insight into what legislators are actually doing. A representative government requires civil discourse, enabling us to listen and hear each other in order to find solutions and common ground. Civic Brigade, with its proprietary Pure Democracy software, is a revolutionary approach to improving legislative transparency, reducing voter apathy, and boosting congressional approval, creating a new environment for civic engagement this election season.


With 541 total Congress members making at least $174,000 each, holding our elected representatives accountable to the public for their time is key. Civic Brigade uses the voice of the people to create unbiased profiles of our elected officials. Civic Brigade users ("Civic Brigadiers") can decide what represents legitimate debate versus unproductive use of floor time by reviewing an anonymous issue by issue view of what Congressmen and House Representatives choose to converse about. In addition to tallying votes to provide a more meaningful metric than simplistic satisfaction surveys, Civic Brigade provides legislature-specific Civic Value Profiles based on a given member's use of legislative time. Civic Brigade and Civic Brigadiers can be game changers by exposing both constructive and destructive rhetoric that has become a standard part of our legislative dialogue.

More information about Civic Brigade is available at Beacon Initiative has launched an Indiegogo online fundraising campaign for Civic Brigade at to engage and empower the public to be an integral part of improving legislative transparency with their tax-deductible donation.

Beacon Initiative, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating tools that highlight and decipher the language of manipulative and hateful speech. In addition to games and educational materials, the non-profit organization is working with several prestigious partners to develop easy-to-use extensions, linguistic tools, and adaptive learning techniques to empower and educate both children and adults to recognize manipulative, intimidating, hateful speech and behavior in schools, workplaces, and organizations.

SOURCE Beacon Initiative, Inc.