DonRiver, Inc. Deploys Next Generation GUI to replace Amdocs Resource Manager Client

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A global leader in providing Operational Support System (OSS) solutions to telecommunications providers, DonRiver, Inc. has developed a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) to replace the out-of-box Amdocs Resource Manager native client. DonRiver’s solution was built and deployed into production in July 2012 for one of Canada’s largest providers of wireless and data communications and one of Canada's leading providers of cable television, high-speed Internet and telephony services.

With a constant emphasis on performance and ease of use for end users, DonRiver internally developed a world-class product that leverages the best web technologies available in the marketplace today. John McVey, Global Managing Director of DonRiver, Inc. said, “Telco’s have been requesting a better GUI for more than a decade! In my opinion and given the expertise we have of this product, DonRiver’s new GUI will be a welcomed change for Telco’s who are currently using the Amdocs Resource Manager client and have no other option than to use an interface that some clients have described as outdated, poorly performing and click-heavy. Our client is absolutely thrilled with what we have delivered.”

The DonRiver Resource Management GUI utilizes fully supported, public, Amdocs Resource Manager API’s and enables Telco engineers to design and assign network resources in an efficient and highly-performing manner. The task orientated and streamlined user interface abstracts the complexity of the underlying data model, ensuring engineers are able to focus on the task in hand rather than battling through historic, industry-wide issues of unintuitive, nonresponsive and repetitive screens. Use of the latest web technologies and rigorous optimization techniques mean that sub one second page load times are the norm even when large datasets are requested. Designed from the ground up with maximum portability in mind, the DonRiver GUI is fully compatible with all major browsers including: Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Google Android smartphones.

Matt Colton, Director of OSS Consulting and Services said, “We invested in creating a feature rich UI platform targeted squarely at rapidly building task-orientated screens that fit seamlessly with our customer’s business processes. This is not a generic inventory tool tied to an engineer’s desk; it is mobile, intuitive and specific to the job at hand. We want to the create solutions that generates exceptional user experiences – and at DonRiver, we bring the best developers and tools in the marketplace to make this happen.”

Since the deployment in July, momentous improvements have been observed in numerous aspects of our clients’ design and assign functions. In addition, DonRiver included a sophisticated network discovery and reconciliation solution allowing end users to directly interface with the underlying Amdocs SyncEngine platform and make ad hoc decisions as to what discrepancies should be automatically updated in the inventory and what discrepancies require manual intervention.

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